Updates regarding our current issues on Earth

1 06 2020

We are now in the Coronavirus siege. I will be posting various levels of information on  this site, once I move into the practice again of 3rd eye/ pituitary/ pineal work to discern the deeper levels of truth and purpose that this series of events has  created for mankind on earth.

Be safe, be loving, be kind.


3rd eye utilizations

16 11 2017

It has been some time since posting to the blog, as life happens in rhythms and I have not been in a larger  cycle of inner vision work for some time. That all changed last night.

In my inner vision work ( including the  psychic realms, or dimensional realms, or  in different energy bodies, or space/time travel in consciousness) I have a practice of opening up and using my pituitary and pineal. They both have very different uses and functions. Early morning today, I found a whole new level of employing my 3rd eye .

In the past, I have used my 3rd eye as primarily a ‘passive’ tool to look around at people, circumstances, worlds, environments. It has been primarily a modality to just  ‘check out’ these circumstances, meaning, really just information gathering, be it visual, emotional, energetic, ‘knowing’, etc.

That all changed this morning. I was using my 3rd eye, together with a brain cavity in the frontal cortex ( I think similar to what dolphins and whales have for sonar) – to specifically communicate with others who are operating as a sender – receiver of communications from / with their 3rd eye. Each of the participants must have their 3rd eye turned on and useful in order to communicate this way.  I experienced two way  conversation including thoughts feelings and words back and forth with others who were doing the same with me. Does not matter the space, time, location, or even dimension that the other being ( person, plant, animal, spiritual guide, Elohim, Angels, past or future life of  Self, soul) is currently in.

This communication also transcends the limitations of space time and dimension . I was shown that  in order to focus directed conversation to another , I used a number, together with knowledge of who the being is, and this directs me to them specifically. Klyton my angel guide told me this is necessary in order to not be in the constant Universal Chatter that goes on. Otherwise, one to one specific conversations would be impossible, as we would just be in the chatter.

It is a spectacular experience.  This means that I can have real time two way conversations with any being I want to , whom I know and can feel / think of/ see, regardless of space or time . This means I can communicate with any one I have ever known in any lifetime or any iteration or any  kind of body or consciousness.

This is tapping into Infinity without limitations. As creator beings, we are designed to be able to do this at will, once we discover, believe, and validate our abilities embued in the 3rd eye, as we are created to be. As creator beings. As humans.

Also in my experiences this morning, I was shown by my main angel, Klyton, how to be in personal dimensional travel, and I also learned how to build constructions with  my 3rd eye.  (Similar to a laser printer for construction , only the material comes from the  directed thought of  focused energy at an atomic level and with photons.  More on this in another blog post).

These are wonderful, joyous, and fun discoveries. To sum it up, the lessons for me this morning are that I have been under- utilizing my 3rd eye, and that it  is a tool for us that we can employ to look at energies, communicate with other beings, transcend space time,  and to build constructions with!

Essentially, this is working with ‘inner technology’ as a Human Being, which we are endowed with as a creation. The other way to do this is to work with ‘outer technology’ , such as a computer and other kinds of tools. But working with ‘outer technology’ compared to ‘inner technology’ is so mechanistic and pedantic.  Our inner technology is superior , faster , more precise, and better in virtually every way, IF we, as the creator , are trained and competent in the ways of Creation.




Beyond the Multiverse

17 02 2015

A few weeks ago I received a request to check in with  a friend who was experiencing visitations from un – seen beings. We did an inner visioning, and got deeper and deeper into  who these beings were. What I saw took my breath away.

But first, a bit of explanation. My self ( that of me which is human) ,  my Self ( that of me which is my Higher Selves) and my Soul ( that of me which is the primary  created aspect conceived by Elohim) are specialist in Creation. This is my ( Our) speciality as created beings.  As a student and Ambassador of  Elohim on Earth in a 3d body, Elohim have shown me multiple levels of creation from the nano ( photons and smaller) to the macro ( many Universes).

The aspect of Creation that all life forms on earth live in is a hierarchy. This means energy ( consicousness, which is life energy)  is organized this way:

1. Planet, with gravity,  weather, polarity, 3d, linear time, spacetime,  etc 2. Moon around the planet  ( many moons or no moons) 3. Solar system with Sun and Planets  4. Sun  to serve the planets 5. Galaxy  full of Solar Systems and Planets 6. Universe comprised of Galaxies. They all move in a spiral dance in spacetime. Lots of fun here.

This is our designed hierarchy. This is the construct of the lifeforms we  who are here on earth live with. Consciousness, and therefore life, comes to us from the Great Central Sun ( look up Maya Calendar) to the Sun to Earth ( and sometimes thru the moon, then to us on Earth) . This is a  created construct by which Elohim have made our Universe with Light as a tool, and imbue it with Love as a tool, all at the bequest of  First Source ( called by religions ‘God’, a heavily mis-used term)

This is our largest understanding of ‘All that Is’ , or ‘That which is Created’.

Well. There is more. Lots more.

Turns out we are just one of many ‘constructs’ for endless expression of life and consciousness in All  That Is. We are part of a Universe, and a Multiverse. This is infinitely huge in it’s own right. So big, how could we even conceive of anything more? Welcome to infinity.

My friend was being visited by beings who do not live in linear time , do not live in a Planet , Solar System, Galaxy, or Universe. They live in ‘ specs’ sparked from the Void. Pure life floating in infinity. No spacetime, lo linearity. Not even spherical time. They exist in one way progression of life… infinity. No limitations of space, gravity, linear time. Astounding.

I have for years ‘had a hunch’ that there is more to infinite creation than our familiar model of the Universe, which is the organizing creation by which we humans on earth understand Creation.

There is so much more . When I saw this, Elohim began to laugh and said ‘ congratulations’! As If I had discovered a big secret of theirs. So much fun. I adore Elohim.

2-16-2015 Gregorian

Galactic Tone 11, Manik ( Deer) Mayan





Spiritual Currency

29 07 2014

I was in a semi lucid state this week  prior to Channeling. I was not in 3d.

I was in a place in front of another human, and this person was not male nor female, yet was clearly human. This being was not as solid matter as we are in 3rd dimension earth with gravity; yet not transparent, and not ‘cloudy’ or ‘misty. This person was not entirely solid, nor a gas, yet in between  a hard solid and a misty gas. This was a clue to me that we were in   a higher dimension. I saw that this was either 5th or 7th dimension.

We communicated with eye contact and with simple clear clean telepathy. Another clue that we are not in 3d. This person had in his/her left hand a white booklet like object, which I believe was part of the clothing it wore. This person revealed a white rectangle to me, held in her/his left hand, and it was  about the size of a sheet of paper we use to print from our computers. This white rectangle was this person’s wealth, and currency. It was a somewhat thick thing, this currency object. I do not know if was intertwined with this person’s body or clothing , but it was part of this being somehow.

The person smiled, looked me directly in the eye, and unfurled the cover layer of whiteness from this white object, revealing  some  inner, softer whiteness of this white object. Immediately I saw and felt white particles, (which were particles this object was made of) move directly into my torso. This was an incredibly beneficent experience, and my feeling state in my physical body received the white particles beautifully and fully. They made me feel filled up with joy and love. This was this being’s personal currency. I was being gifted with this feeling of beneficence, as transferred to me from this being, and it was transferred  in a certain amount  ( quantity) and time. The being gently and intentionally sent me these particles of his/hers, part of his/ her essence of Joy, with the intention of sending to me this feeling state of which the particles were made. This was deep intimate personal sharing of Aspect of Love. Beautiful, wonderful, great feeling, and smile on my face. Sharing of love and progress from one individual to another .

This experience was just fantastic.

This is Spiritual Currency, the stuff by which beings in the Higher Realms ( dimensions 5 up) live and work and love. There is  no money. There is Spiritual Currency made up of beneficent feelings and well – being. You are ‘ rich’ if you have lots of these particles to bestow upon others, and all involved move deeper into love and happiness and wellness. And all beings assist one another in this endeavor, in these higher realms.


on Soul decisions

24 02 2014

I have recently seen a new phenomena which  has not previously  been revealed to me. In order to explain this, I will first give a bit about Soul.

Soul is very mis- understood and mis- used. Soul is   a high level consciousness which inhabits particles of light and coheres itself often in a sphere. The visual analogy is that of a school of small shimmering fish who move in a cohesive manner. Soul is a bit similar, only instead of seeing small fish, I see minute particles of light. This is the ‘body’ of Soul, in one if it’s iterations/ manifestations. Soul is a created entity of Elohim, who are my guides, and whom tell me that they are ‘first emanation of Pure Source’ . The world’s religions call Pure Source ‘ God’.  Soul has many attributes and talents, and there are books regarding the various soul types ( email me if you want referrals to them).  Human Beings are an ‘ en- souled species’, meaning that our consciousness is imbued in our physical human body by our Soul.  We make ‘ soul contracts’ when we inhabit  our physical body on planet earth in the third dimension.  We, as the  ‘lower self” are constantly having choices and experiences in this lifetime which are in a constant feed back loop to Soul. We experience  ‘ soul growth’, ‘soul choices’ , and ‘soul work’. These are all deep level experiences in our lifetime having to do with our true mission and purpose in this lifetime in this body. We also  are related to and connected to thousands of other beings in other space /place/ time /dimension /physicality, and these beings are in our ‘soul family’.  This Soul family is our true family, and we are truly ‘related’ as  our true ‘parent’ is the Soul we all share. We, as a human being, are but one of the many ‘soul fragments’ embued with the consciousness of our Soul, all having life experiences in the present moment.  Got it?

In 3  channeling events, I have seen strong, specific, and very directed  decisions in persons’ life, which are all directed and dictated by Soul. When I first discovered this, I had to look deeply to confirm what I was sensing. This means that Soul , on certain occasions, has directed the ‘ fragment’   (in other words, YOU!) to move in very specific directions in order for the person to grow, and to move toward enlightenment. This is very profound. Think about this. If you understand that you have  a Soul who informs your life’s decisions and directions, and if you understand that you have incarnated with soul contracts ( agreements your consciousness made with your Soul before incarnating) , then you will understand that you are in relationship with your Soul, and sometimes Soul takes over aspects of your  life. This is all good. A beautiful thing to understand and to work with.

Life gets better in great order once you recognize that you have made an unconscious, sub- conscious, or fully conscious agreement with your own Soul in order to move toward the direction of your true Mission and Purpose in this lifetime.


2013 in review

31 12 2013

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

elohim followers in 91 countries .tiff

As Above, So Below

17 10 2013

An old adage which often proves true. During a recent reading for a client, I was asked about the consciousness of 6 different persons. Three of them were deceased and three of them are living. Upon looking in at the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions of each of these beings,  a realization emerged. That realization is this:  regardless of the state of our being, whether incarnate or dis- incarnate, ‘living’ or ‘dead’ ( both of which are misnomers) , in a body our out of a body, our consciousness lives on . Consciousness does not ‘die’ nor does it end.  It  exists both above and below. There is no escaping your own consciousness., as this is part of us which is created by Soul.

Each of the  6 persons referred to above, whether  in a body or not, have thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions  regarding their current , past, or future State of Being – also known as a  life or a lifetime.  In other words, as I looked in on each person,  and looking at their choices and thoughts, it is obvious that when we leave this body, and if we are still on the Wheel of Incarnation, then we have life reviews, choices and decisions- just as we can have life reviews  showing our choices and decisions while in a physical body on a 3d planet with gravity.  Therefore, if we ‘see’ our loved ones ‘above’, or in ‘heaven’, or ‘ascended’- then we can know that they are going through conscious experiences which mirror our own lives down here on earth. Ergo the saying, ‘As Above, So Below.

The Native American Indians’ Wisdom Tradition holds that our thoughts emanate out to the Universe and affect more than our personal lower Selves.  This is what I see when I view  people’s consciousness from the Inner Planes…  It is wise to understand the power of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and deeds- for indeed, they spiral out to Creation.  At some point in your future, you will likely have thoughts feelings emotions as a dis- incarnated being, and you will have a direct experience of your own continuity of your consciousness. You will then see the power of Consciousness. CURIOUS GRACE

Meeting my Soul

24 07 2013

When I change my energy field and my focus of attention to do Visioning in the Cosmos, sometimes I go traveling, and sometimes I have an intention of looking into some aspect of my life or the lives of others . A few weeks ago I  sat down to  open up my Crown, my third eye, my spinning Chakras, my open heart, my Sphere of Love, as this is often my starting point to Vision from. This time  I had an intention to look at an issue in my life from the  place of Pure Light, the truest essence of that which we are made. From the place of light, we receive a different viewpoint of our lives, and it is good.

I was immediately moved into my own Higher Self… known as Soul. I became the consciousness  of my Soul… and it was joyous and revelatory. My soul has a spherical shape, with massive dense  energies in constant motion  inside the sphere. These energies are  the creator  consciousness of my Soul. Inside the sphere , me, as Soul, is always creating, always on. The sphere , which is the energy form of my Soul, has blue and white and yellow/ gold strings of light all around the outside of this sphere. Encoded in this light is all the information about my soul… soul type, soul age, soul attributes. This is so that all consciousness which  comes into awareness of my Soul can immediately know these attributes of me, my Soul, and in this way interact in ways of total depth of knowledge  with my Soul.

The Soul lives in a place  in the black… sometimes known as the Void, but not exactly. A place of no space no time no black no white. No Thing. It is a place of Pure Source Energy. This is an endless field of all possibility, and this huge space dark contains zillions of Soul entities. This is the home of my Soul, where it lives, where it creates, where it breathes.  Beautiful . And all of the Souls in this cold dark infinite space, as entities created  by Elohim  in this Multiverse, communicate with each other all the time. They are ‘always on’, and they constantly communicate. I witnessed my Soul ‘at work’.

Soul showed me many many things , and  one of the things  shown to me was how me, my human body Kerry Self,  (my ‘lower self’) as an aspect of Soul, lives my life with information  from my Soul. I receive ‘inspiration’ or great ideas or ‘ a light bulb goes on’- this is me successfully receiving information from my Soul.  This is also known as Divine Inspiration- literally, inhaling and exhaling energies from Divinity ( Divinity being  that which is Sacred )  My experiences in this human life also send  info to my Soul, via Spirit. When I experience happiness,  my Soul feels it.  When I experience thoughts, feelings, ideas, pain, love, sadness, sensations, emotions– they are all instantly fed back to  my Soul. This 2- way energy path way is known as ‘Spirit’. That is the being upon which experiences in this lifetime are transmitted between my lower self Human Being Kerry, and my Higher Self, Soul. Also between my lower Self and my Soul are many levels of ‘Higher Selves’ who have multiple levels of duties to perform for this entire dance of Creation. For example, when I wish to call forth certain experiences in this lifetime, and I intentionally work to bring people, experiences, thoughts, ideas, opportunities to my self in this life, it is levels of these Higher Selves who go into the world and bring these opportunities to Me.

My Soul has a few thousand created beings in the moment which IT is watching and presiding over. I was shown other  humans in other dimensions on other planes and planets, who are my relations- meaning that we are all from the same Soul. I was shown dolphins, elephants, and other animals who are also animated and created  by my Soul. This means that all of the other created beings, regardless of life form, density, intelligence, consciousness, or sex,  are all me!   When this is seen and understood, that the being which co- created me,  (Soul), the ME who is known as  the lower self in the human being body called  Kerry on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension-  when it is known that this Soul has thousands of other creations at the same time, in various life forms, not all human, some animal, some not even familiar to me… then, with this realization, it is easy to see how truly were are all made from the same thread. We are all interwoven. We are all one.

I have been following a body of work delivered since 1999 on the internet via the website wingmakers.com.  A main teaching of the site is that sometime in this century humans will experience the ‘irrefutable proof via scientific discovery of the human soul’. They call this the Grand Portal. I highly urge you all to visit this site. It is among the most advanced spiritual teachings of truth on the Planet at this time. What is described on this body of work aligns perfectly with my own experience of Soul. It is wondrous.

I can tell you, most of my spiritual work in this lifetime is all about Soul. I urge you all to ask , to yearn, to learn how to  discover your own Soul.  It is one of the most revealing and wondrous discoveries one can experience in this body. You will know your self and your Self like you have never even conceived of  once you are consciously and lovingly introduced to your own Soul.

Together With love




Mayan Calendar Wayab Days are now

18 02 2013

The Mayans have many calendars. A few of them are in syncronicity now, and one of them is celebrating the five ‘lost ‘ days which are attached to the end of the 360 – day calendar count. These days, Feb 17- 21, 2013,  are for going within as described below.

Below is information from this website:‎www.mayancross.com/Wayeb-virtual-program

“For the first time in 5126 years, all three Mayan calendars have been shifting into new cycles. This “trilogy” of cycles began with the first Mayan New Year on December 12, 2012 when the 260-day sacred calendar (Chol’qi to the Kiche Maya) moved to 8.Monkey (B’atz). Next, the infamous Dec. 21, 2012, resulted in world-wide celebrations and prayers and, with that, many now perceive that the long-awaited critical mass of highly conscious people has been reached. Thank you and your commitment to raising consciousness for this milestone and for continuing on with our.

For the Maya, there is another Mayan new year In February to commemorate. Known throughout the Maya-lands as “Wayeb,” these are five “lost” days that are always tacked onto the end of the 360-day solar year “Haab” calendar. They are observed by the Elders with utmost respect. Mayan cosmology is overt about exploring the underworld. This is where the shadow side of ourselves resides, and there no personal growth without facing it. Wayeb is the time to consciously allow this to happen. During Wayeb we look deeply within and formulate specific commitments so that we can become our best in the new year.

Wayeb goes from Feb. 17-21. We will use each of the day’s energies to amplify the Wayeb purpose (10.FLINT, 11 STORM, 12 SUN, 12 CROCODILE, 1.WIND)

Day 1 Sunday Feb 17 REVIEW significant events of your past year (also known as recapitulation)
Day 2 Monday Feb 18 RECOGNIZE ourselves for who we truly are, the good, the bad, the indifferent
Day 3 Tuesday Feb 19 ACCEPT ourselves with all of our imperfections, creating self-forgiveness and love
Day 4 Wednesday Feb 20 DEFINE who we need to be and what we need to do to accomplish our destiny
Day 5 Thursday Feb 21 COMMIT to our intentions and start fresh, renewing ourselves

The final day of Wayeb, Thursday, Feb 21, is 1.Wind and becomes the Year Bearer for the next Haab (365 day) cycle. This means that 1.Wind energy will be influencing everything that happens the new 365-day year, including our commitments. Wind is a powerful mover, communicator and is the ultimate connector of all beings. This is the force that aids our sharing the messages of oneness and love for our brothers, sisters and dear Mother Earth.”

Dec 21, 2012 aftermath

6 02 2013

The energies of  12-12-2012 and 12-21-2012 were enormous. These Galactic Alignments brought great internal and external change to millions, and  true  Ascension to very very very few- although that actually has happened. Elohim told me of this on Jan 1, 2013 channeling, and I will post more on that soon.

Many people who are ‘seekers, spiritualists, light workers, new age adherents, energy workers’ Apocalptics’, etc. are quite disillusioned due to their heightened expectations of literal interpretations of Prophecy not coming true in their lives. This is quite understandable. I include the writings below from George Kavassalis:

“People throughout the ages have given their power away to a religion, secret society, philosophy or spiritual teaching, a guru, chanellers etc. thinking these doctrines and people had all the answers because they were so willing to be followers of someone or something outside of themselves. Yes, these teachings all had/have value to add to one’s spiritual journey, but the main point here is they chose to invest into something outside of their own inner innate eternal self-awareness where all their answers truly do reside.

I will elaborate further because I have discovered that one of the greatest lessons of Dec 21 2012 is actually to do with subservience. The learning from this is to be autonomous and no longer give our power over to an external authority, no one and no thing! Everyone who experienced pain in one form or another gave their power away in one form or another, simple as that! Their habitual nature of “seeking” is the issue. “
Quite strong opinions. Do you agree?