Fresh new opportunities in people’s lives!

26 08 2009

About one month ago, The Elohim told me that all life on earth ( and the local universe, including our beloved Mother Gaia Earth) are now undergoing molecular/biolgical/chemical changes beginning from the core of our very being and emanating out to our ‘skin’. Our skin can be our literal skin, or our world, or our daily routine, or our Focus of Attention.This process has been put in place by Divinity in order to prepare EVERY LIVING BEING on our Blue Planet for The Shift of the Ages.

We have recently emerged from a ‘slumber’ or ‘downtime’ or ‘haitus’ in the energetic world, and now people are beginning to reap the results of these events.Now I am seeing the very beginnings of these molecular changes show up in people’s lives… for example:

A couple I channel for is well on their way to overcoming energetic interference (in the form of an ET entity occupying the energy field of one of the two) towards living in unison as Twin Souls, or Twin Flames together.

A woman I channel for is having all of the disparate aspects of her past energy fields (in the form of many business and healing opportunities) come together in a whole new way, creating new energy and a new ‘sphere’ of influence for her and those in her world

A man I work with is emerging as a Shamanic Energy Worker via raw talent which has recently become more and more available to him

A woman I channel for is beginning to see changes in her family dynamic in a very positive and healthy way…A channeling session was done for her in May and through her follow -up and diligent work her family is healing it’s internal difficulties

All of the above examples are of people who are doing their work and taking advantage of this new wave of energy which is both Internal and External to their physical bodies and to their energetic bodies.

We are now experiencing spectacular , wondrous, magical, miraculous changes in ourselves, our planet, and our Local Universe…We are now in ‘Phase -Shifting Time’ – a major sign that we are well into Phase One of The Shift of The Ages…. and the above examples are but the beginning of a re- set of our lives in virtually every conceivable way…


And this is one of the reasons you are alive on Planet Earth in the 3rd Dimension today!
Surf the Wave!

Please post a reply about your current experiences … we would love to hear them..

More to come….
For more information, go to the link on the right side of this page and click The Shift of The Ages




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