‘All My Relations’ ; Love of Self and Love of All External to Self

13 09 2009

7_11_2009 all my relations click here to hear the audio session

During the  channeling session   with my friends  The Elohim , (while in the sauna) they informed me of an awareness to instill in myself and others from a place of wisdom.

It is this: the term ‘ All My Relations’ ( made known by Native American spiritual practices) encompasses  All Life Everywhere… not only my blood relatives, my world, my experiences. This is  a ‘too small’ and self- centered worldview. ‘All My Relations’  means all living beings in all dimensions in all planets in our Local Universe, which is defined as the Milky Way and those galaxies in proximity to our own. This means understanding and validating all living beings… from  blades of grass to Mother Gaia Earth to  Luna to Sol to other Planets and Suns and Moons to The Great Central Sun. In other words, in your intentions, meditations, prayers- include your self, your higher selves, your  Angelics, the elementals, your ancestors, your past, present, your future- and go Cosmic as well. Include Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Great Central sun, Time, Space, ….. All that IS… because this, truly , is training for becoming a Galactic Citizen… for becoming aware in gratitude for your place in the MultiVerse. And this is how we move from 3d thru 4d to arrive in 5th Dimensional Consciousness on Planet Earth.



One response

21 10 2009
Michael Eoannou

Nov 11 2009 ( 11/11 ) is a perfect day for to put out these intentions. This is a very powerful day and it is a great day to create change. I urge everyone to think outside themselves and put out the intent for the wellness of our world our galaxy our universe and all.

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