Well into the first phase of Shift of The Ages… Financial changes

21 09 2009

In recent months, The Elhoim have been giving me information concerning massive changes in all of the affairs of mankind . This is collectively termed ‘The Shift of The Ages’ or ‘2012’ or ‘prophecy’ or ‘ Mayan Calendar’. There are many varying versions of these changes in the public realm- in entertainment , news, the web, books, magazine articles, etc.

Information first given by Elohim  has been subsequently  corroborated in numerous ways from various sources. This is what I wish to bring to your attention- this is a way to validate the information for yourself… it came  first from Elohim ( heaven) and then from the public arena ( earth). This is quantuum validation, in my opinion, and is a clue to regard these series of events to be ‘ in the realm of possibility’ and to take action.

Therefore, we have 3 quite expert sources saying the same thing from completely different points of view:

The Elohim, my Spiritual guides; Dr. Johann Calleman, Mayan Calendar Expert; Larry Edelstein, professional money manager

The pdf below contains more involved information for your review.This combines articles  and emails from 2 additional sources who corroborate what Elohim are saying

click the link below :

channeling update blog post 9:21:09




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