Channeling on current changes in our lives

10 06 2010

Please listen to this short mp3 audio file. It briefly explains the changes we are experiencing now through possibly the next 4-5 years concerning The Shift of The Ages. This Channeling from the Elohim came to me about 10 months ago, and I believe now is the time to distribute the information, as much has happened in the past 10 months. Typically, The Elohim (Eloa, Eloha, Elo-Hima) , who are my dear spiritual and energy guides, give me information about our lives;  then  days or weeks or months later I see something in the public arena which corroborates what I was shown and told in  a past session with Elohim. This repeat pattern has happened continually for years, and is the reason for this post.

Click here to hear the channeling: