Synchronizing with the 9th Wave

15 03 2011

My intention is to ‘sync up ‘ my personal Mission and Purpose with the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar. RIGHT NOW! I do this by understanding the 9th wave and paying attention to these significant dates.   I also do this by psychic ‘check-in’, by Channeling, and by Telepathy with my teachers. I practice gratitude daily. I speak to all of my spiritual family often.

In this way, we can be personally delighted to experience being ‘In the Flow of Creation’ …. and Surf the Waves of Change… these are some ways to deal with The  (Last ) Shift of The Ages, the trans- dimensional shifting we are now going through, the last octave of the 3rd dimension, and ascending into the higher dimensional realms of being.

I encourage  all persons in my sphere of influence to do the same. I channel on how to do this, I teach how to do this, and my presentations show this as well.  I have been channeling Elohim for almost 11 years and typically they deliver information to me in session, and then over the course of days, months, and years the information becomes reality. This is prophetic.  This is similar to the lessons learned about ‘prophecy’ from the Mayan Calendar . In these pages I will be ‘synching up’ information from current and past channeling sessions, together with my own experiences, and together with examples of other’s experiences with the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar for Right Now.

Please listen to the 7 minute recording of Elohim Channeling   from -10-2009  below as it contains some advice on how to live in the times we are in :

8-10- 2009 sauna channeling for current changes




One response

27 03 2011
Aunt Ann

Hello my sweet!! I have to tell U that this is TOO DEEP for my SHALLOW MIND!!! But bless U for doing your thing; GO BIG GUY!~! Love and hugs; going to FL next week; wish U were too!! (KISS KISS)

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