‘Wake up to your Deification’

9 04 2011

Many persons have  a consciousness of Massive Change as we move toward alignments in 2012 and  into The Shift of The Ages as revealed in the Mayan Calendar.  We are now in the  first period of ‘dark’ or ‘night’ in the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar with aspects of  rest, response, reaction, reflection upon the energies that began on March 9, 2011. In an organic and natural way, I find myself reflecting on the energies I put into motion beginning March 9- that of living full time in my Mission and Purpose. I now offer an audio recording done in July 2010 for me from Elohim regarding my ‘life conversion’.Part of this is ‘waking up to your Deification’… meaning that to live as a true co- creator with Divinity. Elohim say ‘all questions come from this’. They also advise me on my 3 – part conversion process, to ‘give life up to this work’, and that it is ‘time to let go… this is the true letting go’. I offer this to you  to reveal my changes in life as an example of how they may relate to you.

The audio below is about 8 minutes

7_9_2010 elohim on life conversion




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