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27 05 2011

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Mayan Calendar ebook

27 05 2011

The Mayan Calendar and You

By Kerry Blasdel

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The intention of this book is to introduce you to simple, basic concepts of the Mayan Calendar. The Calendar is well regarded as a prophetic body of work utilized for thousands of years by the Mayan culture in Meso-America.

You will learn tools and techniques which can assist you in synchronizing events in your life with the unfolding of consciousness. In this way, you may learn how to “be in the flow of creation” and arrive at mastery in your life.  Bliss, joy, happiness and life purpose are some of the results of synchronizing your Self with this teaching.

The 9th Wave, also known as The Universal Underworld, is the last cycle of the entire Mayan Calendar. This cosmic  calendar  reveals the structure by which  we experience  emanations of consciousness and creation containing all possibilities for our lives and the development of life on Earth.  The time frame covered in this brilliant body of work explores life from the Big Bang, which was approximately 16.4 billion years ago  to the present day – up to and including October 28, 2011, the end of the calendar.

The source of the emanations which create all possibility that exists in this Universe is Pure Source, Divinity, The Creator, God, the All That Is – choose whichever title that resonates with you.

Chapter Overview

1.  Overview and highlights of the Mayan Calendar

2.   Review your personal issues as they relate to this ‘time’

2.  The ancient Maya culture

3.  The work of Dr. Carl Calleman

4.  Calendar definitions

5.  Spiritual definitions

6.  Overview of ‘the long count’

7.  Synchronization with global prophecies, channeled information

new paradigm authors, creation stories, the Tree of Life, ‘2012’ stories,

religious and ‘end time’ stories

8.  Description of the Ascension Process

9.  Description of trans- dimensional consciousness

10. What Indigenous cultures say about our time

11.  Many world calendars

12.  Introduction of dimensions

13.  Introduction of the Tree of Life

14.  Creation happens on all levels of the Universe in scope and scale

15.  Introduction of ‘The Long Count’

16.  Underworlds of Creation

17.  Heavens in each Underworld

18.  Light and Dark cycles of Creation

19.  How creation unfolds using Light

20.  Consciousness unfolding through the 13 stages in each underworld

21.  Prophetic proof of the Mayan Calendar

22.  Tools and techniques to use for the Mayan Calendar

23.  Advice from Mayan elders

24.  Advice from Elohim

25.  Kerry Blasdel’s examples of using the 9th Wave as a tool to create from and synchronize with:

26.  Open heart open mind

27.  Pineal pituitary and telepathy

28.  Suggestions for you to use now

29.  What is your vision?  Get it and refine it

30.  Graduation from 3rd dimension

31.  The end of time

32.  New life on Planet Earth in the 5th dimension

33.  The last Shift of the Ages presentation

34.  Kerry Blasdel’s services and products:

•  Soul essence channelings

•  Psychic readings

•  Life conversion trainings

•  Project launch trainings



( the time of the most intense energies of this 18 day period)

of the 3rd Day

(containing the energies of Light, ‘anchoring’ and ‘sprouting’ )

of the 9th Wave

(delivering energies of Unity Consciousness to our Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar System, our Sun, Mother Earth, and us)


To receive notice of pre-sale orders of The Mayan Calendar and You, please email:

The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar

24 05 2011

We are now in the 3rd Day ( period of Divine Light) in the 9th (Universal) Wave of the Mayan Calendar. This  is a link to an article written by Dr. Carl Calleman regarding our current time and how to interpret global events from the energies emanating from the Great Central Sun, or Hunaab- Ku.

Here is the link: The Third day of the Ninth Wave.

My next post will be about utilizing your glandular system, (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypo-thalamus) organ system, (heart, mind, skin) and chakra system in your  body to communicate with the Cosmos and how to co- create from your highest self in your spiritual practice. These advanced spiritual practices are now becoming much more readily available to many people as our planetary and galactic consciousness is amped up due to emanations from Source into our multiple levels of existence  all through our  Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar System, Sacred Mother Earth, and our bodies.

We live in spectacular time/space/place/dimension. Enjoy the ride!