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5 08 2011

I have rarely seen a comprehensive video so professionally done as this one. Dr. Calleman sent this link to me and I am re-posting it here. The video covers The Shift of the Ages, prophecy, Hopi wisdom, 2012, the ‘end times’, spiritual awakening, multiple levels of consciousness, the collapse of the man- made hierarchies, dissolution in the material world, comet Elenin, and many other issues relevant to those who are awake and conscious to the Massive Change we are all now experiencing. There is a good sequence briefly explaining Calleman’s research on the Mayan Calendar (Long Count)… There is also information about the Hopi blue star kachina, Elenin as possibly a  super massive dwarf brown star, the Red Star of the Hopi. Also mentioned is the ‘3 days of darkness’. This video explains with Science, research, prophecy, and Calleman’s work on the Mayan Calendar how we may all experience great change in the coming months. Elohim tell me the only way to move through these changes is being with Earth and your spiritual guidance.

Here is the link to the video on Vimeo.. by Keith Wyatt:

The Quickening on Vimeo

and here is the animal photo for today:




One response

28 08 2011
Bee Brain

To the ‘awakening as one’ movement’ – some observations: your video demonstrates so well how powerful the illusion of duality is. Your stated aim to raise your voices to those individuals and organizations that you perceive (and I quote from your website ‘are competing to show who is the best and most illuminated, to say “please put all of your differences aside now. Stop working to prove that you alone have the answers”’ is a product of your own projection and an internal polarity in and of itself. That you would align yourself with certain groups and then choose to denigrate the work of others (very specifically in your other video ‘Revelations’) to forward your own agenda because you perceive them to be ‘competing to show who is the best and most illuminated’ and that you perceive certain individuals/groups as ‘self-proclaimed spiritual leaders’ and that the ‘new agers’ are dangerous, again is a product of your own internal projection and is spiritually irresponsible. Regardless of how professional, well intentioned and researched your videos may appear, you are reacting to the illusion of duality/polarity within yourself and perpetuating that.

You are asking people to react to your perceptions (based upon the illusion of duality within yourself) and to join the ‘awakening as one’ movement, which is no different to reacting to illusory events (staged terrorism/alien invasion) that may or may not unfold in the future and then joining a ‘new world order’ movement.

There are many individuals/groups from all areas of society, that use the difficult and powerful illusion of duality/polarity for no other purpose other than to gain a following and other people’s energy. Share your energy with those groups/individuals who promote genuine peace, love and wisdom and it will be returned to you. Share your energy with those groups/individuals who promote any ideal based upon duality/polarity and it will be returned to you.

Even if these events do unfold, we will have:
‘awakening as one’ movement versus ‘new world order’ movement, which equals duality.

If they do not unfold, we will have:
‘awakening as one’ movement versus anybody else who they perceive as not conforming to their interpretations of ‘oneness’, of ‘christ consciousness’ of ‘surrendering to divine will’, which equals duality.

Back in the day, Jesus Christ himself was viewed by some as a ‘dangerous’ and ‘self-proclaimed spiritual leader’, opening the hearts and minds of the ‘naïve masses’, and those who perceived him as such nailed him up on a cross.

Like you say, the world does not need improving, it is perfect(ing). The new Earth of non-dualism is already here, all around you. It has always been here. It is not going anywhere. It is waiting for you and it is changing/evolving, even beyond the non-dualism of unity/christ consciousness.

And like you say, the challenge is to recognize the power of the illusion of duality within ourselves, but also in others, and when we see it, dis-engage from it and let it go with Love, compassion and without judgment and give them the space they need to realign/rebalance in their own way/time. ‘as it is without, so it is within’, ‘as it is within, so it is without’.

I leave you now in Love and the ‘Light’ you have been cast into. I leave you in this third dimensional illusion of duality and I step back into the new Earth, full of Love and Light and where the darkness cannot be manipulated but is simply what it is, the cyclic absence of light, the empty void, the beautiful night sky full of infinite potential.

This is a great and powerful sacrifice you have made to stay in the third dimensional world of duality illusion and to bring the ‘new world order’ out into the ‘Light’, and paradoxically yourselves, and I honor you for it.

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