30 09 2011

I recommend taking a look at this trailer on youtube:

(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? – YouTube

This is about a possible better future for our planet by replacing many man- made hierarchies with small scale free energy, food, housing, etc. Elohim have told me that our man- made hierarchies will crumble and fail, as they are now… and what will replace these systems are non- central, small scale  solutions created by individuals, not global corporations. This is quite hopeful. Please view.

3 simple things for now

17 09 2011

Elohim constantly give me advice on how to live in the world now during these times of great uncertainty, dis- information, chaos, systems dis-integration, and overall challenges. Virtually all persons whom I channel for are undergoing massive change in their lives… and not always just related to their personal economics.

Elohim say:

1. Turn to receive what is coming to you… no matter what it is , or how you may judge it

2. Have it fully

3. Let it go…

and do this over and over and over… this is surfing the waves of change. This is quite an  art to do well.

Practice this and you will have greater ease with the changes in your life.

With the Great Light that this Universe is constructed with, and with the Great Love that fills it up.


The truth about 911

11 09 2011

My formal education is in Environmental Design and Architecture. Ten years ago  as I watched the twin towers fall on live  television,  immediately I knew it was a controlled demolition by the behavior of the fall. There is a group of Architects and Engineers who have done a very extensive forensic study of the 911 collapse event and have concluded that this was a controlled demolition  and NOT  a collapse caused by the impact of aircraft and subsequent fire.   This means that more than likely some levels of  the US  Government  would have to be involved. This is what is called a ‘red flag event’- attacking one’s own assets in one’s own country. This has occurred historically for the purpose of power and control. As a result, the US is now in 3 ‘wars’ and we have the big joke  known as Homeland Security… the largest most expensive  federal government agency. Also we have the so – called ‘Patriot Act’ which has taken away many of our personal freedoms.

The Corporate Media is not reporting on this actuality.  Thankfully, there are other  sources of information.


Please educate yourself and do not ‘buy’ the official story. It is untrue .


A new Calm

8 09 2011

Two nights ago Elohim gave me information regarding the prophecies upon Earth, the massive change, the breakdown/decay of man made systems, social, economic, and spiritual upheaval.

Elohim said that due to many humans on earth sending their conscious intent to move thru the changes with ease and grace rather than difficult destruction there have been changes within and upon Earth, our Galaxy, and the Universe. It was a very calm and meaningful channeling. It appears that yet again we, on earth, have moved thru potential difficult mass upheaval into a more gentle way of creating our future.

In support of this kind of shift, I offer this now: focus your life on LOVE. In all of it’s iterations and expressions, your specific vibration of love is unique and necessary and wanted by us all.

Click on this link:  One The Event – Petition . This site describes  ‘One The Event’. This is a global movement to send LOVE to all beings at once on 9/11/11 at 10:46 GMT… (  go to  The World Clock – Time Zones to synchronize yourself) .  Move from fear to love, and from survival to prosperity.  Please participate in any way you can.

Our energy, consciousness, and our Love can change our lives, our relationships, our town, our nation, our Earth, and our Universe.

You are a powerful and wondrous being. Be so!

With all my love.