3 simple things for now

17 09 2011

Elohim constantly give me advice on how to live in the world now during these times of great uncertainty, dis- information, chaos, systems dis-integration, and overall challenges. Virtually all persons whom I channel for are undergoing massive change in their lives… and not always just related to their personal economics.

Elohim say:

1. Turn to receive what is coming to you… no matter what it is , or how you may judge it

2. Have it fully

3. Let it go…

and do this over and over and over… this is surfing the waves of change. This is quite an  art to do well.

Practice this and you will have greater ease with the changes in your life.

With the Great Light that this Universe is constructed with, and with the Great Love that fills it up.





One response

19 09 2011
Carolyn Roberts

Yes, finally calmed down and allowed today. I will remember this list of Elohim to-do’s to ride these waves of energy hopefully ontop of the waves. Thank you for sharing this information.

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