When disaster hits home…

27 06 2012

I am in Colorado at the wildfires. They are horrific , unpredictable, with a life of their own. There are now many weather anomalies throughout the USA and around the world. Elohim have been telling me for years that the changes will occur in 2 categories: 1. The man made world,which includes all the affairs of man; and 2. The natural world. Well, today, we are seeing both of these categories in rapid  change, flux, decay and transformation.

This is a quote from my friend Haleyheart:
“There are so many needs today — wildfires in the US in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Montana are raging – floods again in Minnesota and upper Mississippi area – drenching rain in the Gulf from the Debby Storm – never-ending rain in the Pacific Northwest long past the winter usual – extreme heat in the Northeast and now in the Southern states – Stockton California is going to be the first major US city to file bankruptcy, probably yet this week — and North Las Vegas NV isn’t too far behind – the situation in Greece, Spain and other European countries reeling from the economic devolution – the changes in the Middle East – Afghanistan …. on and on the list goes with each of us well able to make our own “top ten” for those events that strike chords in each of our “heart of hearts”. We all know the world needs change and that the world *IS* changing. All of these things take such a toll at the individual human level.”

Below is a photo of the massive flames in the Colorado Springs fire.. they are higher than Pike’s Peak. Many people, plants, and animals have lost their homes already.




2 responses

28 06 2012
Terri Cormier

and so shall it Be when learning to Love. Together we rise above. Holding All in the Sacred Space of higher Blessings.

28 06 2012
David St.Germain

I really feel bad for all the people who the wild fires are affecting as my wife and I Know what it is like to go through a major disaster. We almost lost everything when we had a big flood here in RI. that put 4 feet of water in our home and we lost almost everything we owned and we didn’t have flood Insurance. We are still paying the expensive bills from that! We will try and help them in any way we can! We certainly hope they get that fire under control and out real soon!

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