on Soul decisions

24 02 2014

I have recently seen a new phenomena which  has not previously  been revealed to me. In order to explain this, I will first give a bit about Soul.

Soul is very mis- understood and mis- used. Soul is   a high level consciousness which inhabits particles of light and coheres itself often in a sphere. The visual analogy is that of a school of small shimmering fish who move in a cohesive manner. Soul is a bit similar, only instead of seeing small fish, I see minute particles of light. This is the ‘body’ of Soul, in one if it’s iterations/ manifestations. Soul is a created entity of Elohim, who are my guides, and whom tell me that they are ‘first emanation of Pure Source’ . The world’s religions call Pure Source ‘ God’.  Soul has many attributes and talents, and there are books regarding the various soul types ( email me if you want referrals to them).  Human Beings are an ‘ en- souled species’, meaning that our consciousness is imbued in our physical human body by our Soul.  We make ‘ soul contracts’ when we inhabit  our physical body on planet earth in the third dimension.  We, as the  ‘lower self” are constantly having choices and experiences in this lifetime which are in a constant feed back loop to Soul. We experience  ‘ soul growth’, ‘soul choices’ , and ‘soul work’. These are all deep level experiences in our lifetime having to do with our true mission and purpose in this lifetime in this body. We also  are related to and connected to thousands of other beings in other space /place/ time /dimension /physicality, and these beings are in our ‘soul family’.  This Soul family is our true family, and we are truly ‘related’ as  our true ‘parent’ is the Soul we all share. We, as a human being, are but one of the many ‘soul fragments’ embued with the consciousness of our Soul, all having life experiences in the present moment.  Got it?

In 3  channeling events, I have seen strong, specific, and very directed  decisions in persons’ life, which are all directed and dictated by Soul. When I first discovered this, I had to look deeply to confirm what I was sensing. This means that Soul , on certain occasions, has directed the ‘ fragment’   (in other words, YOU!) to move in very specific directions in order for the person to grow, and to move toward enlightenment. This is very profound. Think about this. If you understand that you have  a Soul who informs your life’s decisions and directions, and if you understand that you have incarnated with soul contracts ( agreements your consciousness made with your Soul before incarnating) , then you will understand that you are in relationship with your Soul, and sometimes Soul takes over aspects of your  life. This is all good. A beautiful thing to understand and to work with.

Life gets better in great order once you recognize that you have made an unconscious, sub- conscious, or fully conscious agreement with your own Soul in order to move toward the direction of your true Mission and Purpose in this lifetime.