on Soul decisions

24 02 2014

I have recently seen a new phenomena which  has not previously  been revealed to me. In order to explain this, I will first give a bit about Soul.

Soul is very mis- understood and mis- used. Soul is   a high level consciousness which inhabits particles of light and coheres itself often in a sphere. The visual analogy is that of a school of small shimmering fish who move in a cohesive manner. Soul is a bit similar, only instead of seeing small fish, I see minute particles of light. This is the ‘body’ of Soul, in one if it’s iterations/ manifestations. Soul is a created entity of Elohim, who are my guides, and whom tell me that they are ‘first emanation of Pure Source’ . The world’s religions call Pure Source ‘ God’.  Soul has many attributes and talents, and there are books regarding the various soul types ( email me if you want referrals to them).  Human Beings are an ‘ en- souled species’, meaning that our consciousness is imbued in our physical human body by our Soul.  We make ‘ soul contracts’ when we inhabit  our physical body on planet earth in the third dimension.  We, as the  ‘lower self” are constantly having choices and experiences in this lifetime which are in a constant feed back loop to Soul. We experience  ‘ soul growth’, ‘soul choices’ , and ‘soul work’. These are all deep level experiences in our lifetime having to do with our true mission and purpose in this lifetime in this body. We also  are related to and connected to thousands of other beings in other space /place/ time /dimension /physicality, and these beings are in our ‘soul family’.  This Soul family is our true family, and we are truly ‘related’ as  our true ‘parent’ is the Soul we all share. We, as a human being, are but one of the many ‘soul fragments’ embued with the consciousness of our Soul, all having life experiences in the present moment.  Got it?

In 3  channeling events, I have seen strong, specific, and very directed  decisions in persons’ life, which are all directed and dictated by Soul. When I first discovered this, I had to look deeply to confirm what I was sensing. This means that Soul , on certain occasions, has directed the ‘ fragment’   (in other words, YOU!) to move in very specific directions in order for the person to grow, and to move toward enlightenment. This is very profound. Think about this. If you understand that you have  a Soul who informs your life’s decisions and directions, and if you understand that you have incarnated with soul contracts ( agreements your consciousness made with your Soul before incarnating) , then you will understand that you are in relationship with your Soul, and sometimes Soul takes over aspects of your  life. This is all good. A beautiful thing to understand and to work with.

Life gets better in great order once you recognize that you have made an unconscious, sub- conscious, or fully conscious agreement with your own Soul in order to move toward the direction of your true Mission and Purpose in this lifetime.





3 responses

3 03 2014

Good article on soul. I’ve always been curious about soul and its connection to us as humans and from all that i’ve learned what you say is very close to the way soul and the body interrelate. I’m continually trying to ground soul into this body so i can have more and more of its energy in my day to day.It’s been a long struggle but it is so great when it works. Soul’s energy is so beautiful and powerful and having a closer connection to our soul is a very desirable thing. It’s easier to allow soul to have it’s way with you when it is more powerfully embedded in the ole body. Our soul contracts are more easily acknowledged when we are connected .When my soul isn’t grounded I tend to scatteredness and being flighty as the old fart just hovers around outside of my aura.It’s true about soul inhabiting a light body from what i know. Soul in it’s pure essence is really just awareness without any body but we have to work with energy in these worlds.
I have a dear friend who is a medium and it was through her that i first met the Elohim. I love talking to them as they are very knowledgeable loving and helpful. The last thing I learned from them was about love. A way to look at it and a way to access it. Love is an energy that fills all space and it is there for us to use for ourselves. We have to open the connection between thought and heart to access it, but thinking about it and feeling it fill us seems to work for me.Love is such an incredible thing and as it’s so easy to use with a bit of practice.Like taking a drink to quench a thirst.
You mention the extended soul family.There is a powerful love connection with these souls. The souls who aren’t human have the ability to help us. I’m learning not to shy away from asking for help when I feel overwhelmed or just not able to pull myself up to the place i want to be. So much love and help just waiting for us to ask. Thanks for this article, always a pleasure to hear another say what one feels.

13 07 2014
Helen Hickey

I give thanks and gratitude for both, along with your comment. This view has become my understanding of the description of our SOUL, or HIGHER SELF(we are all ONE of the many), and is the knowledge and wisdom I have in this current (NOW- embodiment-lifetime). I am learning that humans tend to ‘humanize’ THE DIFFERENT light energies, and to also give our choices away to others, whether it be to the media, government, religious beliefs, angels, archangels, etc. These are often misguided “contracts” of “belief systems” that are often OUTSIDE of ourselves(our soul family), giving our power away to others. Kryon has stated that we must now access our HIGHER SELF by going within(trusting our “innate” or “intuition” if you will, as we also stay connected with Earth(Mother) through whom we incarnated (a soul embodied which represents love and nurturing). Humankind has forgotten our contract to protect and honor, to not destroy her body by allowing fracking and misuse of nuclear power, etc. Souls who are not human CAN help us, but WE must ask for the HIGHEST RAY of OURSELVES that we can access at this time to get less distorted information. I recommend your information for those who seek better understanding. You CAN TRUST your higher self(YOU ARE POWERFUL), but on the other side of the coin we must resolve old “contracts” of karma that no longer serve us(and mankind as a whole) and RELEASE them to Source. Mankind has the responsibility to tap into this higher information to bring into reality what has already been corrected in our 12 dimensional DNA. It will take a period of time for all of humanity to re-MANIFEST the original intent and vibration that Earth was created for- 5th Dimensional Learning in embodiment. We DO have some work to do! Start with making THAT(energy) your INTENT and follow up with AFFIRMATION and ACTION in your OWN life.(start with making peace with SELF, your BROTHER/SISTER, the COMMUNITY, right on up to supporting PEACE for the WORLD(LOVE vs killing each other!) If we can do these things, we can then graduate out of Earth Kindergarten and eventually learn that WE ARE the ET’s (there, I said it), correct damage to Earth, and become the Galactic Citizens/Creators we were meant to be! With loving thoughts to ALL. Namaste

6 11 2014
Manifest Destiny

Wow, Helen Hickey really seems to know so much more about the nature of the reality of earth than me……… but with seeking more truth, I’m sure I’ll catch up. I hope soon because there seems to be so much I just have been asleep and/or blind to for 40 years. I remember dreams from when I was very young and from all I’ve read it seems I was astral-projecting but someone or something was with me, taking me on these trips. And I also remember being tormented at night, but can’t specifically remember what all the torment was, but I do remember how terrified I was. I’m big now and wish this “man” could go back to that time to when I was a young baby and kick the ever living shit out of whatever was tormenting me. If that’s possible, somebody PLEASE explain to me how to do that. And if that’s not possible, then I just leave it all in the past and figure it was just something that happened and leave it at that. It seems I’m in this massive awakening to the reality of things, and and a huge shift in my life as so much information is flying at me, but I’m also seeking it out— it seems I’m healing and elevating because I’m seeking to, after being “stuck” for so long.

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