Spiritual Currency

29 07 2014

I was in a semi lucid state this week  prior to Channeling. I was not in 3d.

I was in a place in front of another human, and this person was not male nor female, yet was clearly human. This being was not as solid matter as we are in 3rd dimension earth with gravity; yet not transparent, and not ‘cloudy’ or ‘misty. This person was not entirely solid, nor a gas, yet in between  a hard solid and a misty gas. This was a clue to me that we were in   a higher dimension. I saw that this was either 5th or 7th dimension.

We communicated with eye contact and with simple clear clean telepathy. Another clue that we are not in 3d. This person had in his/her left hand a white booklet like object, which I believe was part of the clothing it wore. This person revealed a white rectangle to me, held in her/his left hand, and it was  about the size of a sheet of paper we use to print from our computers. This white rectangle was this person’s wealth, and currency. It was a somewhat thick thing, this currency object. I do not know if was intertwined with this person’s body or clothing , but it was part of this being somehow.

The person smiled, looked me directly in the eye, and unfurled the cover layer of whiteness from this white object, revealing  some  inner, softer whiteness of this white object. Immediately I saw and felt white particles, (which were particles this object was made of) move directly into my torso. This was an incredibly beneficent experience, and my feeling state in my physical body received the white particles beautifully and fully. They made me feel filled up with joy and love. This was this being’s personal currency. I was being gifted with this feeling of beneficence, as transferred to me from this being, and it was transferred  in a certain amount  ( quantity) and time. The being gently and intentionally sent me these particles of his/hers, part of his/ her essence of Joy, with the intention of sending to me this feeling state of which the particles were made. This was deep intimate personal sharing of Aspect of Love. Beautiful, wonderful, great feeling, and smile on my face. Sharing of love and progress from one individual to another .

This experience was just fantastic.

This is Spiritual Currency, the stuff by which beings in the Higher Realms ( dimensions 5 up) live and work and love. There is  no money. There is Spiritual Currency made up of beneficent feelings and well – being. You are ‘ rich’ if you have lots of these particles to bestow upon others, and all involved move deeper into love and happiness and wellness. And all beings assist one another in this endeavor, in these higher realms.