3rd eye utilizations

16 11 2017

It has been some time since posting to the blog, as life happens in rhythms and I have not been in a larger  cycle of inner vision work for some time. That all changed last night.

In my inner vision work ( including the  psychic realms, or dimensional realms, or  in different energy bodies, or space/time travel in consciousness) I have a practice of opening up and using my pituitary and pineal. They both have very different uses and functions. Early morning today, I found a whole new level of employing my 3rd eye .

In the past, I have used my 3rd eye as primarily a ‘passive’ tool to look around at people, circumstances, worlds, environments. It has been primarily a modality to just  ‘check out’ these circumstances, meaning, really just information gathering, be it visual, emotional, energetic, ‘knowing’, etc.

That all changed this morning. I was using my 3rd eye, together with a brain cavity in the frontal cortex ( I think similar to what dolphins and whales have for sonar) – to specifically communicate with others who are operating as a sender – receiver of communications from / with their 3rd eye. Each of the participants must have their 3rd eye turned on and useful in order to communicate this way.  I experienced two way  conversation including thoughts feelings and words back and forth with others who were doing the same with me. Does not matter the space, time, location, or even dimension that the other being ( person, plant, animal, spiritual guide, Elohim, Angels, past or future life of  Self, soul) is currently in.

This communication also transcends the limitations of space time and dimension . I was shown that  in order to focus directed conversation to another , I used a number, together with knowledge of who the being is, and this directs me to them specifically. Klyton my angel guide told me this is necessary in order to not be in the constant Universal Chatter that goes on. Otherwise, one to one specific conversations would be impossible, as we would just be in the chatter.

It is a spectacular experience.  This means that I can have real time two way conversations with any being I want to , whom I know and can feel / think of/ see, regardless of space or time . This means I can communicate with any one I have ever known in any lifetime or any iteration or any  kind of body or consciousness.

This is tapping into Infinity without limitations. As creator beings, we are designed to be able to do this at will, once we discover, believe, and validate our abilities embued in the 3rd eye, as we are created to be. As creator beings. As humans.

Also in my experiences this morning, I was shown by my main angel, Klyton, how to be in personal dimensional travel, and I also learned how to build constructions with  my 3rd eye.  (Similar to a laser printer for construction , only the material comes from the  directed thought of  focused energy at an atomic level and with photons.  More on this in another blog post).

These are wonderful, joyous, and fun discoveries. To sum it up, the lessons for me this morning are that I have been under- utilizing my 3rd eye, and that it  is a tool for us that we can employ to look at energies, communicate with other beings, transcend space time,  and to build constructions with!

Essentially, this is working with ‘inner technology’ as a Human Being, which we are endowed with as a creation. The other way to do this is to work with ‘outer technology’ , such as a computer and other kinds of tools. But working with ‘outer technology’ compared to ‘inner technology’ is so mechanistic and pedantic.  Our inner technology is superior , faster , more precise, and better in virtually every way, IF we, as the creator , are trained and competent in the ways of Creation.