About Kerry & Channeling


I am a conscious Channel. The Elohim have been speaking through and with me since June, 2000. They deliver vast fields of information encoded with multiple layers of cosmic consciousness.

To receive this information, I am fortunate to live in Colorado – from the  Pikes Peak Region and the Garden of the Gods to urban Denver.

This region is blessed with tremendously powerful earth, air, and water energy which is highly and beautifully charged for use by plants, animals and humans.

Before arriving at this divine spot, I spent numerous years in Los Angeles which accelerated my spiritual growth.  There, I learned shamanic practice, energy medicine, channeling, sacred geometry, sacred sexuality, and ritual. It was a wavespell of energetic work that deeply anchored me both in the earth and cosmos.  This opening led me to sacred sites around the world for a period of many years, a quest which continues to this day.

I moved to Colorado in 1995 where channeling came to me one evening after a swim while laying alone in the sauna. Voices, images, knowing, and information fields flooded my consciousness to such a degree that I knew I was not making it up! My guides, The Elohim, began to introduce themselves and give specific directions as to what and how to deliver information to those in need of higher direction from Spiritual Guides.

I have since channeled for a national clientele both in person and on the telephone, as well as for individuals and for groups.

Based on an extensive library of channeled material delivered to myself and others, and on current massive changes occurring during The Shift of The Ages, I have completed a compelling multi-media presentation detailing these changes for individuals, the human race, the plant and animal worlds, and our solar system and galaxy.

During my youth I lived in Athens, Greece where I studied ancient and Greek architecture and society.  My architecture practice in Los Angeles specialized in residential design and construction – creating homes and interior architecture for discerning and demanding clientele in the entertainment world.

I continue to design and build interior design with small scale residential projects. I also buy, renovate and sell residential property.

About Channeling   kerry_ch_description

Channeling is a transference of information fields and bodies of knowledge from one entity to another entity. In this case, from Elohim to Human. As a conscious channel, I open to receive communication by shifting my focus of attention. Immediately, a flood of visions, words, thoughts, images and realizations enter my consciousness. This information is then channeled into streams of languaged information that is recorded for those requesting the information.

The nature of channeled information usually involves one’s:

o   Mission and Purpose in Life
o   Soul Work
o   Possible lessons
o   Stories of potentialities
embedded in current choices

Additionally over time, individuals are given “through lines” of the larger story of their current life as well as past and other lives. They are shown how these relate to their nature as soul or essence and their participation in the Experiment of Conscious Life.

Channeling accesses a known system of human growth patterns that originate in the Dawn of Mankind. The art of channeling has historical roots in virtually all of the world’s wisdom traditions and religions. Shamans, priests, mediums, psychics, knowers – they all engage in one or more forms of channeling.

The Elohim

The Elohim are a high level consciousness who call themselves “The One and the Many” and “First Emanation from Pure Source.”

The Elohim are wise, gentle, elegant high-order Creator Gods
 who enter my consciousness to deliver such core information as:

• Your Mission and Purpose in life

• The True Nature of Humanity and our place as Galactic Humans in the Cosmos

• Deep Source knowledge about all life in all life forms and thought forms

• The Shift of The Ages ( what is going on now in our local universe) and how to deal with the current Massive Change

They also inform us of life on Earth in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

Above all else, they are love.


To purchase a channeling session, please visit:


5 responses

3 08 2010
Luwellyn Maestro Punahele

I’m very interested in the Elohim as I had a vision of “Elora or Elaura –Explaye” was written before me before I awoke. The energy field I feel in your channelings feels familiar energetically as it hovers and opens a loving space above my crown chakra. I also like the energy in Colorado!

11 10 2010

i would like to know more about Elohim. Suddenly this word has started to appear around me .Please help to know more about them and who are they.thank you leela

11 10 2010

suddenly i got the thought of doing auto writing .i started in June .After 2 months every time it would sign off as elohim .i want to know more about them.and what am i suppose to feel. thank you need your help to understand


28 03 2011

Re the word or term Elohim. If you look at the King James Bible in the original Hebrew as detailed in a Strong’s Concordance you will find, for instance that Verse 1 of Chapter 1 of Genesis ~ paraphrased ~ reads “In the beginning the Elohim created the heavens and the earth.”

The word appears over 2500 times in the Old Testament and has been treated to a great deal of analysis that promoted controversy and argument as well as discussion. The word is a plural noun but has been also stated to be a “uni-plural” noun. The singular appears to be “El” which is often translated as “Angel.”

As Judeo-Christianity has for a long time professed to have only one god (or God or G-d) this has led to more controversy. The Hindus and other so-called Pagan religions (depending on your own beliefs “Pagan” can be good or bad) worshipped multiple gods, so, it would appear that the Christian Churches had to come down on the side of a uni-plural nouns or change the meaning of the word. Until around the 18th/18th Century this changing the meaning seemed to work. Then people learned more and more and the arguments started. At least that is how it appears to me. But then, I could be wrong. The main think is to THINK and STUDY for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

12 05 2011

Actually… El never meant “angel”. El is a Semitic term for deity or god, but has also been used to mean spirit — in the case of I Samuel 28:7 — when the witch of Endor conjures the spirit of the deceased King Samuel.

The Canaanites worshipped a specific deity called El as their supreme god, but the term was used broadly in that region of the middle east also, to just mean god.

Elohim is can be plural or singular depending on how it is paired with verbs. In both modern and ancient Judaism, Elohim is a singular noun unless paired with a plural verb.

The “one god” theme and the uni-pluralism concept (or as it is properly called plural of excellence) related to Elohim has not been a modern Christian invention. It dates back to ancient Judaism of the 7th Century BCE.

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