Cancellation of scheduled teleconference tomorrow

19 08 2011

Please accept our apologies for this late announcement. I have received notice that our scheduled teleconference with Barbara Hand Clow scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. However, we include a download link in the pdf below which we encourage you to go to. It contains downloads for  the following:

1 audio .channeling from August 18, 2011, from Elohim concerning what is going on now in the 5th night of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar.

2.  audio 9th Dimensional meditation with Barbara Hand Clow

3. article on the energies of the 9th Wave in the Mayan Calendar

This is well worth your time…



Teleconference with Barbara Hand Clow August 19, 2011

16 08 2011

This is a teleconference featuring the wisdom of Barbara Hand Clow , the Pleadians, Kerry Blasdel, the Elohim, the Mayan Calendar, Hopi Prophecy, comets Elenin and Honda, the 5th night of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the Ascension Process, 3 days of darkness, Sofia’s journey into Earth, Gnostic error Theory, plus much more.

Friday, August 19,2011
10:00 am Pacific
11:00 am Mountain
12:00 am Central
1:00 pm Eastern
call 760-569-7676
access code: 196080

Call in and listen, ask questions, make comments. If you can not participate at this time An archive recording will be made available after the event on this site: Tree of Life Celebration

click here to open a pdf file on the event:

8-19-2011 teleconference announcement

Synchronizing with the 9th Wave

15 03 2011

My intention is to ‘sync up ‘ my personal Mission and Purpose with the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar. RIGHT NOW! I do this by understanding the 9th wave and paying attention to these significant dates.   I also do this by psychic ‘check-in’, by Channeling, and by Telepathy with my teachers. I practice gratitude daily. I speak to all of my spiritual family often.

In this way, we can be personally delighted to experience being ‘In the Flow of Creation’ …. and Surf the Waves of Change… these are some ways to deal with The  (Last ) Shift of The Ages, the trans- dimensional shifting we are now going through, the last octave of the 3rd dimension, and ascending into the higher dimensional realms of being.

I encourage  all persons in my sphere of influence to do the same. I channel on how to do this, I teach how to do this, and my presentations show this as well.  I have been channeling Elohim for almost 11 years and typically they deliver information to me in session, and then over the course of days, months, and years the information becomes reality. This is prophetic.  This is similar to the lessons learned about ‘prophecy’ from the Mayan Calendar . In these pages I will be ‘synching up’ information from current and past channeling sessions, together with my own experiences, and together with examples of other’s experiences with the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar for Right Now.

Please listen to the 7 minute recording of Elohim Channeling   from -10-2009  below as it contains some advice on how to live in the times we are in :

8-10- 2009 sauna channeling for current changes

Information from Elohim regarding our Universe in the (9th) Universal Wave of the Mayan Calendar

11 03 2011






As soon as the 9th wave began 2 days ago, my dear friends The Elohim have been insistent on showing me how our Universe is made . Divinity, Pure Source, God- has desires to experience and gives Elohim, as Creator Gods, instructions to create  constructs for myriad life forms and levels of conscious life. This is spectacular.

Today is the 3rd day of the First Day of the 9th Wave of the Long Count of The Mayan Calendar. How’s that for wheels within wheels within wheels?  I give offering to all on the World Wide Web of  this day which’ Activates’ that which we are intentionalizing during this first of  13   eighteen – day cycles. . What does this mean? Different experience for all, as we are all as unique as a snowflake, as the Elohim always tell me. I can offer my personal experience here.

Since the first day of the 9th wave,  I began fertilizing my Mission and Purpose in life. My Contract: To Architect and Engineer Soul Work in Self and Others. This can happen a thousand ways…. and.. Elohim, my friends and guides, are speaking to me quite insistently on becoming a Universal Citizen. They are showing me how they create Universes through specific qualities of Divine Love and specific ranges of ‘Light’ as the building blocks of our Universe and other universes  in our neighborhood. This is a beginning of what I am being shown for the 9th Wave. Hold On! This year plus the next two at least are scheduled to be a time of great shake and bake and lots of rock and roll… as evidenced by the earthquake in Japan this morning…. I encourage all to hold benevolent thoughts, feelings, emotions, and prayers towards all persons on Earth hurt or harmed by natural causes today.  Please listen to the audio and video provided on this blog for more information on the 9th Wave.

Audio  mp3 recordings  which explain this more thoroughly and video blogs will be posted here soon

The 9th Wave of The Mayan Calendar

9 03 2011


Please click on this  link ;

9th Wave pdf to open

which contains the following:

1. A brief summary of The 9th Wave

2. How to synchronize your life’s circumstances with The 9th Wave

3. Start dates and Attributes of the 13 Wave Cycles in The 9th Wave
4. Upcoming Events for presenting The 9th Wave
5. Websites to help you understand and connect

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Channeling on current changes in our lives

10 06 2010

Please listen to this short mp3 audio file. It briefly explains the changes we are experiencing now through possibly the next 4-5 years concerning The Shift of The Ages. This Channeling from the Elohim came to me about 10 months ago, and I believe now is the time to distribute the information, as much has happened in the past 10 months. Typically, The Elohim (Eloa, Eloha, Elo-Hima) , who are my dear spiritual and energy guides, give me information about our lives;  then  days or weeks or months later I see something in the public arena which corroborates what I was shown and told in  a past session with Elohim. This repeat pattern has happened continually for years, and is the reason for this post.

Click here to hear the channeling:

Channeling Update: tracking changes in cultural, social, financial, and personal growth

16 10 2009

Click below for the  current Channeling Update which contains an mp3 audio file of a recent channeling concerning world changes, plus additional tools and techniques on how to deal with the current changes. This has to do with The Shift of the Ages , spiritual guides, the Elohim, collapse of the global monetary system, personal growth, The Violet Flame, St. Germain, physical health, and other pertinent information to assist you in these current changes. Clicking the link below will prompt your computer to download a pdf file which has embedded website links to more information.

Channeling Update 10:15:2009 blog post