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I offer channelings in person at the Spiritual Office in Denver, Colorado, and also in individual and  group settings throughout the US and internationally  via the telephone, for convenience.

Whether in-person or by phone, the sesions are digitally  recorded and you will be provided with a download link to an mp3 file.

Length | Individual Channeling Sessions

Forty-five minutes to one and one-half hours.

After the channeling session, I will often speak with clients to further explain what visions I saw.  I also give further interpretation through my own words.earth_new_final

Cost:   $150.00

To purchase a channeling session,please visit:

Length | Group Channeling Sessions

Thirty to 45 minutes.

Recordings of group channelings are available as website downloads for a pre-paid fee.

Cost: varies, and is charged upon admission.

Recording Technique

All sessions are recorded as mp3 files and may be downloaded from an email link provided, and played at your own convenience on your computer.  Recorded sessions are also available to clients on a CD.

Channeling preparation instructions.

channeling instru. 8-2010

One response

6 11 2009
Dawn Tinsley

Hello Kerry,
I have just been guided to you when looking up on elohim,WOW so glad.I feel that my daughter and I are assisting the earth in many ways as it does for us,with gratitude.
I have been making organic ,pure natural skin care for a couple of years avoiding the 3rd world legality aspects as i do not like the control their try to put on us.I love using crystals and was listening to your channeling on the crystal consciousness ,yet missed the name of the ones the elohim mentioned.
I have always had a desire to use them in my skincare yet not found the right ones,I feel this is them.Can you please give me the correct name or guide me to the people who may help me.Thank you for being here with love and light,Love Dawn,Perth western Australia.

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