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24 01 2010
Karen Cressman

Hi Kerry,

I am Stephanie Smith’s friend who you met last year and did a reading for. Jocelyn Jackson and Stephanie have been telling me about your posts, but somehow my email did not get on your list. Please include me.
The Elohim told me to step into my “bubble’ last yr. which I powerfully spent my 50th year doing. It caused a landslide of Karma to release and I am just about through with the repercussions. Imagine how excited I am to dance this year fully empowered by the stength and beauty of my power!!!
Hope to see you soon in Nashville!
Thanks for the light and love of you and your work!!!!!
Namaste’, Karen

3 12 2010
Nancy Restuccia

I wondered for years what had happened to you. You just one day disappeared out of my life. Think of you often and the fun times with Victor and Dale. Still working in the entertainment business as an art/set decorating coordinator.
Getting up there (in age), a little more Reubenesque (comes with age I’m told).
Your website sounds fascinating – what a life-changing experience you’ve had.I still have the same phone # I had in Venice. Would love to hear from you and Elohim Channeling.

xo, Nancy Restuccia

1 03 2011
Lashaun Lagrave

I just read this quote and i thought it might fit your blog “After you realize how perfect all things are, you will tilt your head back and laugh with the sky.”

3 03 2011
KIm Rizzo

I just spoke to you. Kyle emailed me your site I just took the time to take a look. How exciting. I hope to come to your seminars when we move there.. so happy..what are the chances?? Connecting to what I plan to study for our future generations.<3 it!

24 03 2011

I have been seeking information on my being and am piecing what I believe to be important aspects of my I AM. In doing this healing myself and becoming whole again. I travel the galaxies far far away and am wondering if the Elohim energy is where I travel too? I feel a strong connection.

Thank you

24 03 2011
Elohim Channeling

Yes, Leslee, Elohim are responsible for creating this Universe and the galaxies which comprise the total. Elohim permeate all of it.

4 08 2012

Amazing. For years I had ‘searched’ for references to Elohim, only to find biblical passages. Then, one spring, very early morning, it came to me to search again, and I found your site. Thank you for sharing the Wisdom of the Ages.
Love, light and bliss,

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