The Energy Academy Presentation

visionThe vision we hold is the creation of a transformation center holonomically designed containing newly built Sacred Harmonic Resonant Structures.

The design of the structures is integral to the purpose of the work, integrating  the energies of local vortices, extant energies, healing waters, the purity of land and sky, the Human Creators and the Spiritual Gods.

We seek design input from talented individuals who are dedicating their lives to health, healing, and transformation. Recognizing various approaches to healing and transformation, we honor all ways, seeking talent in multiple domains.

We intend to create a Center which is  a multi-dimensional catalyst for all who come, including practitioners and clients:

o     To heal people, achieving wholeness as fully integrated beings.

o   To assist people in arriving at a deep understanding of their mission and purpose in life, otherwise known as soul work.

o     To teach ways for this varied soul work to be fully realized in the world.

Recognizing the multiple levels of conscious awareness and experiences of human beings, the center’s buildings and curriculum are designed to match people at their current levels of growth in the following areas:

o     Physical, emotional, sensual, sexual, life force energy.

o     Love,  personality , intellectual.

o     Consciousness,  spiritual,  and soul.


The curriculum will be designed to include and to transcend the above areas into the love of Christed Consciousness.


This vision arrived as thought form in Kerry Blasdel in 1990, and is shared by many. This collective synergy, in fact, is the singular force which will “land the vision.”

The Energy Academy is phase one.

We are currently seeding the Energy Academy through consciousness.

A download link for the Energy Academy Presentation will be placed here.

2 responses

8 08 2009
Elohim Channeling

I am in the process of creating a short quicktime video overview presentation of this information for your review. Let me know if you are interested in being on a mailing list for the creation of The Energy Academy. This is , above all, about creating conscious community

19 08 2011
denise lawrie

Brilliant idea, count me in. we really must “remove all the bars that keep us apart” Lighthouse family. “I wish i knew”. love and blessings,Denise

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