Current Channeling

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This page is for links to recent (or past) Channeling Information from the Elohim.

Some categories contained here are:

• Monetary system continuing to collapse

• There are many variables  for mankind between now and 3 to 5 years

• Maintain stability and comfort and tend to your  basic human needs

• Riot after riot and civil, social unrest, revolution w/in 2 years

• Millions use the world brain (www) to generate buzz and social unrest in mental body

• People become individually empowered

• New creativity , understanding, insight will come

• Create energy as currency for all

• ‘My needs are met by basic energy being our currency’

• Calmness, peace, serenity, spiritual connection, deeper gratitude

• Complete absence of insecurity

• ‘You will have no utility bill’

• Step into 5th dimensional world

• Rapid, radical shift in worldwide conscoiusness as a response to global monetary shakeup

• Ramp up consciousness of entire planet

• This revolution will be quite transformative

• ‘I can do this’

3 responses

30 08 2010

Very interested in following your work. 🙂

Love and peace.

19 08 2011
denise lawrie

Thank you so much it is such a relief to know all to you all my brothers and sisters.NAMASTE

13 10 2012
Bev Romanyshyn

The current channeling is resonating with incredible channeling experiences I recently had after massive personal and physical trauma. It fuels my hope for a better world for all.

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