Shift of the Ages Presentation

This video is an introduction to my Presentation entitled “Shift of the Ages…. How to be in The Flow of Creation” This is a shortened version of a longer presentation. Please email me if you would like to arrange a group presentation at your venue.

Please go to the link below to view, or watch the video below. Hint: the  presentation below has stills and videos… be patient for the advancing stills, as some take longer to move forward than others. Thanks!

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8 08 2009
Elohim Channeling

The Shift of The Ages is a multi- media presentation about the current Massive Changes mankind is experiencing in both the man made and the natural world. By natural world, we mean all that is which is outside of those endeavors engaged in by Mankind. Therefore, this presentation is about information and education for your use to integrate where you are now, where the mankind is now, where the planet is now, and what changes are currently happening. Please check out the ‘trailer’ of the presentation and download the entire thing if you wish ( fee applies, payable by paypal).

21 09 2009

Thought provoking and well presented. Thank you.

11 10 2009

I have similar experiences and insights, thanks for doing this work and reaching for more people to understand what all this is about!!

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