Galactic Alignment 12-21-2012

13 12 2012

I highly recommend this video. It is the best compilation of public information on the topic of 12-21-2012 that I have seen. This presentation was given in November at the Boulder Public Library and is in the process of going viral on youtube.

Here is the link to the youtube video:


12:12 p.m. MST on 12-12-12 Trans-Dimensional Shift of the Ages

12 12 2012

It is here! The opportunity of multiple lifetimes awaits us all. I have just completed an opening of all my  bodies to receive the Trans-Dimensinal Shift of the Ages, and you may do so as well. Elohim are waiting for each of you to self choose… to choose to be chosen. I have emerged from hours of inner visioning of scenes upon scenes of our 3d reality being transformed via viscous, swirling energetics which are the precursor to the Trans – Dimensional Shift of the Ages. It is here.  My dear beloveds, the El,Eloa, Eloha, Elohima, Elohim- the creator Gods who are charged with creating the desires of Pure Source, the Oneness known to all religions as God- are watching their creation unfold. Now is the time. Avail yourselves of this once in a multiple lifetime opportunity to Ascend.

I spoke the Ascension Prayer this morning and recorded it. This is one created by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can send you either the recording (about 20 minutes or so) or I can send you the document and you may say it yourself for you and for all of Humanity and  the All That Is.

There are many beings all over Mother Earth spreading and expanding their own Sphere of Love, as Elohim have been teaching me to do for years, and which I have been explaining on this website as well. This is a Cosmic Event being participated in by Billions of beings nano- second by nano- second. This includes you , your guides, your Angels, your Higher Selves, your Soul, your multiple  past present and future aspects of Soul, as well as Elohim.

Take part in this grand Ascension!

If you would like to download the recording I have made, or if you would like a copy of the Ascension Prayer to say between now, 12-12-12-, and the Grand Portal of 12-21-2012, please  contact me via this website.

There is a new Earth, a new Universe, a new you on the horizon. It is here. This is your opportunity to ascend to another dimension, to release Karma, to get off the wheel of re-incarnation, and to join the All That Is in full consciousness. This  is why you now  live in a body on Planet Earth in 3d.

Time to expand, to grow, to love, to learn. And above all , to have Gratitude to Pure Source and Elohim for receiving their Love.





Channeling Update: tracking changes in cultural, social, financial, and personal growth

16 10 2009

Click below for the  current Channeling Update which contains an mp3 audio file of a recent channeling concerning world changes, plus additional tools and techniques on how to deal with the current changes. This has to do with The Shift of the Ages , spiritual guides, the Elohim, collapse of the global monetary system, personal growth, The Violet Flame, St. Germain, physical health, and other pertinent information to assist you in these current changes. Clicking the link below will prompt your computer to download a pdf file which has embedded website links to more information.

Channeling Update 10:15:2009 blog post

‘All My Relations’ ; Love of Self and Love of All External to Self

13 09 2009

7_11_2009 all my relations click here to hear the audio session

During the  channeling session   with my friends  The Elohim , (while in the sauna) they informed me of an awareness to instill in myself and others from a place of wisdom.

It is this: the term ‘ All My Relations’ ( made known by Native American spiritual practices) encompasses  All Life Everywhere… not only my blood relatives, my world, my experiences. This is  a ‘too small’ and self- centered worldview. ‘All My Relations’  means all living beings in all dimensions in all planets in our Local Universe, which is defined as the Milky Way and those galaxies in proximity to our own. This means understanding and validating all living beings… from  blades of grass to Mother Gaia Earth to  Luna to Sol to other Planets and Suns and Moons to The Great Central Sun. In other words, in your intentions, meditations, prayers- include your self, your higher selves, your  Angelics, the elementals, your ancestors, your past, present, your future- and go Cosmic as well. Include Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Great Central sun, Time, Space, ….. All that IS… because this, truly , is training for becoming a Galactic Citizen… for becoming aware in gratitude for your place in the MultiVerse. And this is how we move from 3d thru 4d to arrive in 5th Dimensional Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Last night’s Channeling Message

11 08 2009

We are being told to enjoy these days of Awe as Paradise on Earth, before the changes coming in November thru 2015 or so…recording available soon for download on this site….

Preliminary Version of new blog

6 08 2009

To those of you who  have received an email urging you to view this page…thanks for taking a look. Your feedback is welcome… we are in construction of these pages and will have a final up very soon.

Thanks again