Galactic Alignment 12-21-2012

13 12 2012

I highly recommend this video. It is the best compilation of public information on the topic of 12-21-2012 that I have seen. This presentation was given in November at the Boulder Public Library and is in the process of going viral on youtube.

Here is the link to the youtube video:


12:12 p.m. MST on 12-12-12 Trans-Dimensional Shift of the Ages

12 12 2012

It is here! The opportunity of multiple lifetimes awaits us all. I have just completed an opening of all my  bodies to receive the Trans-Dimensinal Shift of the Ages, and you may do so as well. Elohim are waiting for each of you to self choose… to choose to be chosen. I have emerged from hours of inner visioning of scenes upon scenes of our 3d reality being transformed via viscous, swirling energetics which are the precursor to the Trans – Dimensional Shift of the Ages. It is here.  My dear beloveds, the El,Eloa, Eloha, Elohima, Elohim- the creator Gods who are charged with creating the desires of Pure Source, the Oneness known to all religions as God- are watching their creation unfold. Now is the time. Avail yourselves of this once in a multiple lifetime opportunity to Ascend.

I spoke the Ascension Prayer this morning and recorded it. This is one created by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can send you either the recording (about 20 minutes or so) or I can send you the document and you may say it yourself for you and for all of Humanity and  the All That Is.

There are many beings all over Mother Earth spreading and expanding their own Sphere of Love, as Elohim have been teaching me to do for years, and which I have been explaining on this website as well. This is a Cosmic Event being participated in by Billions of beings nano- second by nano- second. This includes you , your guides, your Angels, your Higher Selves, your Soul, your multiple  past present and future aspects of Soul, as well as Elohim.

Take part in this grand Ascension!

If you would like to download the recording I have made, or if you would like a copy of the Ascension Prayer to say between now, 12-12-12-, and the Grand Portal of 12-21-2012, please  contact me via this website.

There is a new Earth, a new Universe, a new you on the horizon. It is here. This is your opportunity to ascend to another dimension, to release Karma, to get off the wheel of re-incarnation, and to join the All That Is in full consciousness. This  is why you now  live in a body on Planet Earth in 3d.

Time to expand, to grow, to love, to learn. And above all , to have Gratitude to Pure Source and Elohim for receiving their Love.





End day of Mayan Calendar is today!

28 10 2011

There has been much focus of attention around the world on this last cycle, the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar (Long Count).Having tracked the entire 9th wave from beginning to the end, and setting my intention from the beginning, I can say it is absolutely spectacular, revealing and purposeful. (And lots of work and focus of attention as well!)

In many ways, the entire Mayan Calendar has been tracking the creation, preservation, and ending of the 3rd dimensional way of being on Earth as a function of conscious life.  We are now graduating into another realm of conciousness… into the ‘time between time’. This is the end of a grand era and the beginning of another. This is the true meaning of ‘ the end of time’- it is the end of mechanical, linear, third dimensional time ( and space) and moving into more fluid and spherical ‘ time’.

For this and many other reasons, Elohim say that all beings alive on Earth now ‘have won the lottery of the Multi-Verse’ just to be alive on Earth now and experience this part of creation which has never occurred before or in parallel or in future. Practice deep gratitude for your very existence in a human body upon the Cosmic Body of  Tierra Sagrada.  You are truly living in special times in Creation, and we are witnessing another  ‘Shift of the Ages’.

Below are some links for you. They are various ways people around the world who celebrate Maya are celebrating the End of the Mayan Calendar. Whatever you do today, celebrate!

Do As One

Wave One: Ceremony & Countdown Completion – THE GREAT EMBRACE

(18) Messages   Tree of Life Celebration


Celebrating the End of the Mayan Calendar

The End of Time: NOW

3 days of ‘darkness’ or what Elohim call ‘ The Chrysalis’

26 07 2011

During these times of Massive Change, earth evolution, man- made systems in breakdown and decay, and many many people experiencing life changing and abrupt evolution (or devolution), Elohim have shown me visions of our New World. The definition of this  ‘New World’  is  Earth and us moving from the last octaves of the  3rd dimension into 4th and 5th dimensional life and beyond. I often tell people after having sessions with Elohim to have a  personal goal:

To awaken one day, in your future,  in this lifetime, in this body, on this earth, in 5th dimension.

The way to do this is to prepare for and successfully arise out of the ‘3 days of darkness’.  The ‘3 days of darkness’  is also a central theme in the indigenous story telling of the Hopi tribe and the Navajo tribe of the American Southwest, as well as other indigenous peoples around the earth.  Elohim tell me it may be 3- 5 days total. It is a purification of all the earth’s being, atmosphere, essence, weather, and it may include pole shift, tetonic plate movement, and many levels of re- setting of  our electro- magnetics.

This is a part of ‘The Shift of the Ages’, planetary change, sacred evolution, global consciousness, spiritual evolution, the Mayan Calendar, and what I  refer to as ‘trans- dimensional consciousness’. All wondorous evolution emanating to our Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar System, our Earth, our human being-ness, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom from Pure Source, or Divinity ,  All that Is, or God.

Following is a link channeled by Monique Mathieu outlining the ‘3 days of darkness’. It is from her website : This is an article which resonates with the information Elohim have shown me, and this is why I repeat it here.


The Three Days of Darkness

“We are saying the following: the three days of darkness will definitely take place. It will be an extremely difficult time for humanity. Everyone, including those who have prepared, will go through a time of difficulty, of adaptation, of shock. For those who have prepared, it will last a short time; they will quickly emerge and know perfectly well how to manage this experiment. Some believed that the three days of darkness would not take place. We maintain that it is totally in the current course of things and is part of the transition process.

Well beyond your human consciousness, well beyond your own awareness of yourself, you are undergoing a great, a really great preparation. Question yourself when you wake up very tired in the morning, more tired than when you went to bed, or when you do not feel like starting your daily life, as if you longed to stay in a place of which you have no memory. A huge amount of work is getting done while your body is at rest, but equally during the moments when you are wide awake. During these times, you may be too preoccupied to be aware of it. Sometimes, however, through a deep sensation or a reality shift, you know that something is going on. The world is significantly accelerating its mutation, its transformation.

Although you have no memory of it, the preparation that you receive unconsciously during your sleep or when you are awake is very important. It will allow you to manage in a much better way, what must happen to yourself, to all life on earth, and to this world.

You could say: you have been saying this for so many years and yet, nothing very tangible, very real is happening. We will reply that your human conscience has the bad habit of breaking time up. For us, time does not exist; there are only events, only transformations.

We can in any case situate these transformations in time, but even if we do so, they will not have the same timing that you could give them.

However, in recent years, a great opening of consciousness for some of the human population has occurred. Other human beings are beginning to ask questions, to think, to be less closed, less obtuse, more flexible and better able to align on and with the new energies. Human beings are also beginning to understand who they are and how they can act with or within their bodies, to learn how they can project Love upon themselves and upon all life.

What our brothers and us have been doing for so many years is really beginning to bear fruit. You have one vision of what is negative and terrible around you, but you do not have a vision of the beauty, of what human beings can contribute, of what they can understand, that vision you still do not have that vision.

Let us return to the three days of darkness. When they are about to occur, you will be warned. Many signs may reach you through your dreams and also more tangibly, through your human eyes.

These three days of darkness correspond to the passage, to the great change, to veils being removed. You would like to perceive what lies on the other side of the mirror, but are you capable of it? Will you be strong enough, brave enough, and confident enough to live if you are faced with what you cannot perceive at the moment?

The three days of darkness will not last very long, but it will be very painful. Only Love can put Light on you and surround you with enormous protection.”

I often hear that during those three days of darkness, windows and doors must not be open, and one must live isolated with all draughts blocked. Is this a reality?

“We would like to say, isolating yourself and caulking is not an obligation. On the other hand, what you must do during those three days is to get together, to pray, to send much Love to your world, to all beings, to send much Love to your brothers of Light, to be confident and conscious of what you are going through.

These three days of darkness will be caused by events outside your planet .”

Will it be safe to go out to gather together during the three days of darkness?

“You will be warned by undoubtedly signs. When you see these signs, you will need to stop moving around, you will need to get together and pray.”

Will it be useful to light candles?

“Yes, a candle is always light in the darkness. A candle is an important symbol for Light, for the Light that guides, for the Light that enlightens. A candle will also ward off certain energies. But your prayers and your Love will accomplish much more than candles.”

Will we be able to live, eat and drink normally, during these three days of darkness?

“You may not have the opportunity to eat. You will need to drink a lot and eat very lightly to increase your frequency vibration. Do you understand the importance of being light?

From some beings may come a certain light (but you are not quite ready for that), they will give off light. It is all a matter of frequency vibration and Love, of awareness of what you can do.”

Will we need to keep pets inside?

“Absolutely, animals will be much more troubled than you, you will need to reassure them.”

Following these three days of darkness, is it possible that some of us will be able to use their merkabah to move to another sphere?

“Not right away, but later. These three days will produce great capabilities, unity between human and spiritual consciousness, but not yet unity between human and divine consciousness.

You are aware of your Divinity, but the bridge is not yet established. If you were really aware of the powers of your Divinity, you would make miracle upon miracle or what would appear as such. In fact, they would not be miracles but simply the use of your potential, of your possibilities.”

After these three days, will we still be able to live on this Earth, or will Earth be abandoned?

“There will still be life, but adaptation to another life will be required. Unfortunately, there will also be many departures.”

Is it during these three days that people will be very scared and there will be departures?

“Yes, and before that too.”

After these three days, will we be in the fourth dimension?

‘Somehow, yes!’

Is it after the three days that luminosity will change?

“Yes, but not right away. Nothing will be like before, even in your environment, in terms of luminosity, in human consciousness, in the relationships you have with others, and in the way you love, live, feel and express life and Love.”

During these three days, will we encounter these electromagnetic problems that the whole world is talking about?

“Before the three days of darkness, there will be many problems and events on your planet. They have already started, even if you are not aware of it. Your Earth is really beginning to rise in view of its major, very major transition.

Pay attention to all that is going on around you, to your reactions, pay attention to life. At this time, a multitude of beacons are being placed on your path.

When humans hear about such event or such disaster, they say, as scientists also say, that it has happened before. You do not see the signs or better you do not want to see them. Be attentive to what happens around you, pay attention to life.

Above all, we ask that you love, to love as much as possible all those around you, to love unconditionally. It is very important.

It is true that upcoming years will all be very important years. Some of you have already experienced some difficulties, essentially during your transformation.

Those who have not done the necessary work will face some challenges, will go through some events.

Be assured that even if you feel that your experiments are difficult to live, such as health problems, they are extremely helpful in preparing you to experience the great transition. Human beings must go through a deep purification process, some through health problems, others through emotional problems, work problems or other. The main thing is that transformation does take place by means of experiments.

Be assured that in the end, not only will everything go back to normal, but you will also be thankful for what contributed to your transformation.

During the three days of darkness and especially after, you will feel that the sky is being torn apart, you will perceive beyond what you could imagine; you will see what could not be perceived before and you will have the great, very great surprise to see that we are by your side.

You will also see our brothers who provide considerable help to planet Earth in its transition.

The countless spheres of Light or vessels that are waiting in the fourth dimension will become visible to you. No longer will you doubt.

At the moment, you still have doubts because you do not see; you do not feel with your human senses, what is beyond the reach of your investigation.

The moments to come, as painful as they may be for some, will be glorious moments for others.Remember the key word: Love!

Patricia Cota-Robles teleconference audio download

18 06 2011

We had a very interesting teleconference last night with callers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Shanghai! Over 1,000 callers participated. go here to link to the download the file :Patricia Cota Robles teleconference audio download