Galactic Alignment 12-21-2012

13 12 2012

I highly recommend this video. It is the best compilation of public information on the topic of 12-21-2012 that I have seen. This presentation was given in November at the Boulder Public Library and is in the process of going viral on youtube.

Here is the link to the youtube video:


12:12 p.m. MST on 12-12-12 Trans-Dimensional Shift of the Ages

12 12 2012

It is here! The opportunity of multiple lifetimes awaits us all. I have just completed an opening of all my  bodies to receive the Trans-Dimensinal Shift of the Ages, and you may do so as well. Elohim are waiting for each of you to self choose… to choose to be chosen. I have emerged from hours of inner visioning of scenes upon scenes of our 3d reality being transformed via viscous, swirling energetics which are the precursor to the Trans – Dimensional Shift of the Ages. It is here.  My dear beloveds, the El,Eloa, Eloha, Elohima, Elohim- the creator Gods who are charged with creating the desires of Pure Source, the Oneness known to all religions as God- are watching their creation unfold. Now is the time. Avail yourselves of this once in a multiple lifetime opportunity to Ascend.

I spoke the Ascension Prayer this morning and recorded it. This is one created by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can send you either the recording (about 20 minutes or so) or I can send you the document and you may say it yourself for you and for all of Humanity and  the All That Is.

There are many beings all over Mother Earth spreading and expanding their own Sphere of Love, as Elohim have been teaching me to do for years, and which I have been explaining on this website as well. This is a Cosmic Event being participated in by Billions of beings nano- second by nano- second. This includes you , your guides, your Angels, your Higher Selves, your Soul, your multiple  past present and future aspects of Soul, as well as Elohim.

Take part in this grand Ascension!

If you would like to download the recording I have made, or if you would like a copy of the Ascension Prayer to say between now, 12-12-12-, and the Grand Portal of 12-21-2012, please  contact me via this website.

There is a new Earth, a new Universe, a new you on the horizon. It is here. This is your opportunity to ascend to another dimension, to release Karma, to get off the wheel of re-incarnation, and to join the All That Is in full consciousness. This  is why you now  live in a body on Planet Earth in 3d.

Time to expand, to grow, to love, to learn. And above all , to have Gratitude to Pure Source and Elohim for receiving their Love.





2nd day of 2nd DAY of the 9th WAVE of the Mayan Calendar! Being in the Flow of Creation….

15 04 2011

We have just experienced another grand shift of energy. Do you feel it? I do. Here’s how:

I have been developing my Mission and Purpose work  to synchronize with Cosmic , Divine energies emanating from pure source  (God)  as revealed in The Mayan Calendar.  The reason I have set this as my intention is my desire To Be in the Flow of Creation. I was extremely active from March 9-26, the first period of Light, which introduces new energies and spiritual work. I did much Channeling this time with my friends Elohim. Then, a period of rest..the period of Dark… Mar 27-April 13- I was slower, more pondering, understanding, realizing, resting.

Question for Self: Do I really want to do this? What will this really require?

My own personal experience mirrors the energies emanating from the Great Central Sun… source of our Cosmic Consciousness in this Universe. And now, I am back and raring to go! The new energies of LIGHT are here, and I feel them. It is time to allow and support Germination for my Purposeful Work . All of this is in preparation for  the Trans- Dimensional Consciousness arriving now in time for  The Shift of The Ages, 2012, Massive Change, and all Spiritual development made available for us  through these experiences.

I strongly encourage all readers to synchronize your life’s experience (via your Mission and Purpose, for example) with these energies. You will then put your Life in the Flow of Creation and be able to Surf the Waves of Change! hop on ! It is a wild ride! (you’re on the ride whether you like it or not anyway!)

Go here for a great graphic on the dates and waves of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar: