Mayan Calendar continuing in 2012

12 01 2012

For those of you around the world who are following the Mayan Calendar, you know that the 9th Wave of the Long Count Calendar ended October 28, 2011. However, given that the Ancient  Mayans created almost 30 calendars to count both time and space and to align their culture with Emanations of Creation in this Universe, they knew both beginnings and endings. In this way, life goes on as Creation unfolds through time and space.

Below is a link to an article showing how to align with the Calendar in 2012(

(5) The 9 levels of the Mayan calendar continue for 2012… View the Golden Age Calendar @

Mayan Calendar article by Dr. Carl Calleman

14 12 2011

For  those of you who are following the Calendar, please go to this link:The Future is not cut in Stone | The Mayan Calendar Portal

This is the latest article about the 9th Wave of the Long Count of the Mayan Calendar and where we are now.

End day of Mayan Calendar is today!

28 10 2011

There has been much focus of attention around the world on this last cycle, the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar (Long Count).Having tracked the entire 9th wave from beginning to the end, and setting my intention from the beginning, I can say it is absolutely spectacular, revealing and purposeful. (And lots of work and focus of attention as well!)

In many ways, the entire Mayan Calendar has been tracking the creation, preservation, and ending of the 3rd dimensional way of being on Earth as a function of conscious life.  We are now graduating into another realm of conciousness… into the ‘time between time’. This is the end of a grand era and the beginning of another. This is the true meaning of ‘ the end of time’- it is the end of mechanical, linear, third dimensional time ( and space) and moving into more fluid and spherical ‘ time’.

For this and many other reasons, Elohim say that all beings alive on Earth now ‘have won the lottery of the Multi-Verse’ just to be alive on Earth now and experience this part of creation which has never occurred before or in parallel or in future. Practice deep gratitude for your very existence in a human body upon the Cosmic Body of  Tierra Sagrada.  You are truly living in special times in Creation, and we are witnessing another  ‘Shift of the Ages’.

Below are some links for you. They are various ways people around the world who celebrate Maya are celebrating the End of the Mayan Calendar. Whatever you do today, celebrate!

Do As One

Wave One: Ceremony & Countdown Completion – THE GREAT EMBRACE

(18) Messages   Tree of Life Celebration


Celebrating the End of the Mayan Calendar

The End of Time: NOW

New video on our current state of affairs

5 08 2011

I have rarely seen a comprehensive video so professionally done as this one. Dr. Calleman sent this link to me and I am re-posting it here. The video covers The Shift of the Ages, prophecy, Hopi wisdom, 2012, the ‘end times’, spiritual awakening, multiple levels of consciousness, the collapse of the man- made hierarchies, dissolution in the material world, comet Elenin, and many other issues relevant to those who are awake and conscious to the Massive Change we are all now experiencing. There is a good sequence briefly explaining Calleman’s research on the Mayan Calendar (Long Count)… There is also information about the Hopi blue star kachina, Elenin as possibly a  super massive dwarf brown star, the Red Star of the Hopi. Also mentioned is the ‘3 days of darkness’. This video explains with Science, research, prophecy, and Calleman’s work on the Mayan Calendar how we may all experience great change in the coming months. Elohim tell me the only way to move through these changes is being with Earth and your spiritual guidance.

Here is the link to the video on Vimeo.. by Keith Wyatt:

The Quickening on Vimeo

and here is the animal photo for today:

2nd day of 2nd DAY of the 9th WAVE of the Mayan Calendar! Being in the Flow of Creation….

15 04 2011

We have just experienced another grand shift of energy. Do you feel it? I do. Here’s how:

I have been developing my Mission and Purpose work  to synchronize with Cosmic , Divine energies emanating from pure source  (God)  as revealed in The Mayan Calendar.  The reason I have set this as my intention is my desire To Be in the Flow of Creation. I was extremely active from March 9-26, the first period of Light, which introduces new energies and spiritual work. I did much Channeling this time with my friends Elohim. Then, a period of rest..the period of Dark… Mar 27-April 13- I was slower, more pondering, understanding, realizing, resting.

Question for Self: Do I really want to do this? What will this really require?

My own personal experience mirrors the energies emanating from the Great Central Sun… source of our Cosmic Consciousness in this Universe. And now, I am back and raring to go! The new energies of LIGHT are here, and I feel them. It is time to allow and support Germination for my Purposeful Work . All of this is in preparation for  the Trans- Dimensional Consciousness arriving now in time for  The Shift of The Ages, 2012, Massive Change, and all Spiritual development made available for us  through these experiences.

I strongly encourage all readers to synchronize your life’s experience (via your Mission and Purpose, for example) with these energies. You will then put your Life in the Flow of Creation and be able to Surf the Waves of Change! hop on ! It is a wild ride! (you’re on the ride whether you like it or not anyway!)

Go here for a great graphic on the dates and waves of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar:

Simple steps on how to Understand and Utilize the Mayan Calendar

25 03 2011

Below is a link to a pdf file showing how to synchronize your life’s events with the current ( and last) cycle of The Mayan Calendar. This is  a simple suggestion on what to do and how to pay attention and make sense of the Massive Change going on in our world, our Galaxy, our Universe, and your life..

Simple steps to use the Mayan Calendar

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Clarity and understanding for the times we are in

23 03 2011

I have a recent channeling from Elohim regarding the Universal cycle of the Mayan Calendar which we are now experiencing – the LAST Shift of the Ages!  I  will post another pdf file soon on how to ‘Surf The Waves’ in these rapidly changing times. It will include new info on how to simply understand the current possibilities unfolding in your life and in the current affairs of mankind. Thankfully we are living in wondrous times.