Galactic Alignment 12-21-2012

13 12 2012

I highly recommend this video. It is the best compilation of public information on the topic of 12-21-2012 that I have seen. This presentation was given in November at the Boulder Public Library and is in the process of going viral on youtube.

Here is the link to the youtube video:


12:12 p.m. MST on 12-12-12 Trans-Dimensional Shift of the Ages

12 12 2012

It is here! The opportunity of multiple lifetimes awaits us all. I have just completed an opening of all my  bodies to receive the Trans-Dimensinal Shift of the Ages, and you may do so as well. Elohim are waiting for each of you to self choose… to choose to be chosen. I have emerged from hours of inner visioning of scenes upon scenes of our 3d reality being transformed via viscous, swirling energetics which are the precursor to the Trans – Dimensional Shift of the Ages. It is here.  My dear beloveds, the El,Eloa, Eloha, Elohima, Elohim- the creator Gods who are charged with creating the desires of Pure Source, the Oneness known to all religions as God- are watching their creation unfold. Now is the time. Avail yourselves of this once in a multiple lifetime opportunity to Ascend.

I spoke the Ascension Prayer this morning and recorded it. This is one created by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can send you either the recording (about 20 minutes or so) or I can send you the document and you may say it yourself for you and for all of Humanity and  the All That Is.

There are many beings all over Mother Earth spreading and expanding their own Sphere of Love, as Elohim have been teaching me to do for years, and which I have been explaining on this website as well. This is a Cosmic Event being participated in by Billions of beings nano- second by nano- second. This includes you , your guides, your Angels, your Higher Selves, your Soul, your multiple  past present and future aspects of Soul, as well as Elohim.

Take part in this grand Ascension!

If you would like to download the recording I have made, or if you would like a copy of the Ascension Prayer to say between now, 12-12-12-, and the Grand Portal of 12-21-2012, please  contact me via this website.

There is a new Earth, a new Universe, a new you on the horizon. It is here. This is your opportunity to ascend to another dimension, to release Karma, to get off the wheel of re-incarnation, and to join the All That Is in full consciousness. This  is why you now  live in a body on Planet Earth in 3d.

Time to expand, to grow, to love, to learn. And above all , to have Gratitude to Pure Source and Elohim for receiving their Love.





On Love…

6 06 2012

Elohim have been teaching me for many moons about Love and Light… the Light made by Elohim to construct this Universe, and the Love of Elohim which imbues this Universe. This Love and this Light are knowable to us…if we strive for it. These essences are real, living beings with which we can interact and which we can become. Elohim have shown me where and how certain body sensations within me are actually ‘love’ or ‘light’- so I feel love in my limbs, my physical body… and I feel light in my body as well- a direct feedback loop. Lovely.

I have  a spiritual  practice of creating a Sphere of Love  from the point in my heart  and expanding it outward in a perfect Sphere from my center ( see previous posts). Inside of this Sphere of Love is where I do cosmic travel, inner visioning, healing, reviews of ideas, thoughts, actions, beliefs, consciousness… of the All That Is…..

Jesus came to me recently and showed me how to expand my Sphere of Love to include the All That Is… and I attempted this. I am to increase my Scope and Scale of  my Sphere of Love to encompass All That Is…Not Easy!. wow… .. but this is exactly what Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy of ‘The Company of Heaven’ do. Beings in higher dimensions do this as well.  So, I am in training  in my Spiritual Office in Denver to learn these lessons and to share them with others.   I adore these changes to grow my Soul and to be of service to others.

Love expresses itself in many ways. The photo below is of a mother dog who adopted a chimpanzee whose mother had died. Look how serene the face of the baby chimp is while in the arms of the mama dog. This is love.

Give your Love and your Light to your World. Like mama dog.

Elohim on Universal Light and the Love of the Universe

16 05 2012

There are many words in some circles of persons who claim to be ‘spiritual’ whose true, authentic meaning has become distorted, misused, and mis- understood.  Some of  these words are God, Love, Light, enlightenment, and many many others. Elohim are often mis- understood as well. I have many many years of communication with my dear friends the Elohim, and I self- reference my experience with them in my thoughts here- this is not my opinion, but rather my direct experience. 

Elohim in the past 2 months have had me on a program of teaching me how they have created Light and Love. They have created the Light of Elohim to utilize as a tool itself to create this Universe  ( but  not necessarily  other Universes) and they have embued  this Universe with Love. This is not the light of the sun, and this is not the love which a person means when they say ‘I love you’- although these two examples are lower iterations of Light and Love.  This Light and this Love  are of the Elohim- the highest Creator Gods, the First Emanation from Pure Source. Elohim from the beginning have always used the term Pure Source  with me… I understand this to refer to what religions of the world call ‘God’. (I rarely use the word God because it’s common meaning is so charged and distorted) 

The last few sessions with Elohm have taught me very unique realizations of what the origins  of Light and Love in the Universe  actually are. They are viscous, they are tools, they are natural, and they are powerful beyond belief. Just this week I was shown where this extant Light and this Love live in my own physical body, my energetic bodies, my etheric and causal bodies. I scanned each body and found in my own being where Light and Love are smooth and easy, where they are absent, where there is discord within my beings, and what I can do to become totally of and emanating the Light of the Universe and  living as one who emanates Love of Elohim- as Ambassador of Elohim on Earth, as Elohim have told me more than once I am to BE. (tall order!)

This is true ‘enlightenment’ – meaning being full of the pure Light and Love  of the Universe, of Elohim- not just a conscious awareness of certain realities of creation- that is NOT enlightenment. To be filled with , to receive, to utilize, to understand, to hold Light and Love… this is true  enlightenment which is absolutely necessary to contain in order to Ascend into the higher dimensions of Being.

Light and Love  are interchangeable and work intimately together. How can one exist without the other? They are entwined.

Questions for Self:

What do I understand Light and Love to be? How do they express themselves in my Being? How do I use them as a tool for the benefit of myself and others?

If you would like more info just respond to this post.