Thank you Kerry once more for the reading which has been invaluable in preparing the way for us. I chuckled to myself as I remembered your time line …. It also made the whole thing suddenly very real!

Hayley, Johannesburg, South Africa

Once again you have my deepest thanks. I couldn’t do this one on my own!

Gary, Indiana

The call with you validated many things within me and helped ease some of the confusion I was feeling.  I was grateful for the validation.  The reading was also spot on about my family, especially my mom, husband and daughter.  It’s good sometimes to consider them through a different lens which helps to shift some things around.

Alecia , Kentucky

Thank you for the wonderful sharing that we experienced last evening.  I’m doing a lot of processing of the information that came through and it feels like that will continue for some time.  So far it’s very empowering.Please express my gratitude to the Elohim and all who were involved in this process.  And especially, thanks to you for your work and dedication to us All.  I felt deep appreciation from a host of beings during our connection.

Gary, Massachussetts

Thank you so much for this. Now I can wake up tomorrow and see the sun shine again!

Ed, Miami

Thank you so much for the reading last night. The information was unexpected ,unusual, and will send me in directions I had not otherwise thought.

Chad, Iowa

You suck. This whole thing sucks. It is stupid and I do not believe it.

Ralph, who lives in Hell

(note from Kerry- this is my homage to polarity! LOL)

The single thing I have focused on since you did my reading was TLC.Yes, TLC has started to blossom with the shift and reintroduction of myenergy…  thank you so much!

Haley, California

I had my first session with Kerry in August, 2008.  Since that time so much has manifested in relation to the reading.   Kerry and his channels suggested I open my throat chakra and begin speaking more of my truth.

Thank you again Kerry for your beautiful work.  I did so enjoy the reading and being able to hear it afterwards on my computer.  It is also great to receive links and information from Kerry between readings.  It feels good to be connected to him and this source for positive guidance.  I highly recommend scheduling a reading for yourself!

Many blessings,

– Deb Ford, Denver


A few months ago I had a reading with Kerry Blasdel who channeled his guides, The Elohim. There were several themes that emerged that were consistent with issues I’ve uncovered or thought about in the past. On the whole, what he said would transpire over the next 12 months or less was quite specific.  The information revealed was very helpful, giving me a clearer picture of my path and purpose. It was both inspiring as well as confidence enhancing. Kerry is quite likable and I felt that he had good energy. I was very pleased with the process.

– John W. DeLuca, Ph.D., Boulder 


The Elohim have an accurate perspective on what I’m about and also have a sense of humor in letting me know when I’m trying to bullshit them. Consciousness is certainly greater than my figuring it out so talking to the inter-dimensionals makes perfect sense, and I plan to continue. Thank you Kerry for offering yourself as a vehicle.

– Lee R. McCormick, Tennessee


The chat with you and the Elohim changed my perspective of
the context of my life. It was an empowering shift, which woke me up to my mission and responsibility. And as you relayed in a ‘grandmotherly way’ – my gentleness and sweetness.  The session was very powerful, clear and magnanimous.  Overall, I received this “unstoppable” feeling.    I have the sense that it was actually quite important.  Great work!

– Charisse, Denver


We are very thankful for your channeling sessions.

Your messages from the Elohim came at just the right time in our lives when we really needed a cosmic helping hand.  We are two devoted spiritual people, but we need a lift every now and then, and we appreciate what the Elohim had to share with us, especially about the Violet Flame work and our “tsunamis.”  We have met many wonderful people and attracted more healing, joy and passion into our lives with your help.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Carlos Cedillo. Texas

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